“Winx Club” series and live action movie

Original Winx Club cast.  Picture: Rainbow.

After two seasons of the universally panned Destiny: The Winx Club Saga, Netflix eventually canceled the live broadcast. Despite little to no positive reviews, like Emily in Paris, people hate to watch it for a whole second season. Aimed at an older teen audience Spell was a spin-off of the early 2000s children’s cartoon series winx club. Created by Iginio Straffi and others at Rainbow, this series sought to bring children’s love for fantasy and strong female characters. Several of the main character designs were even inspired by famous women in pop culture like Britney Spears, Lucy Lui, and Beyonce.

Straffi posted on social media to let everyone know that this Netflix news was not the end of the story and that there are plans for more animation work and an action movie. live.

Even though I loved winx club growing up I didn’t look Spell and had no interest in this show even before the scathing reviews arrived. Not only did they whitewash the already majority white group (something Straffi pointed out on Netflix), but the costumes gave us nothing, and the trailer wasn’t great. Because cartoons can’t translate one-to-one (nor shouldn’t), changes were expected. However, Spell did not seek to retain the magic that drew people to the original show, and later reviews confirmed this.

While this is exciting news overall, I hope this team expands and reflects the diversity of the original characters. I say the original characters because many black and brown characters in later seasons can be mistaken for white due to their lightening. A more diverse team can hopefully prevent this from happening again.

(via Instagram, featured image: Rainbow)

Here are some other news:

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