WATCH: Peter Dinklage chats with SPIN about his new musical film ‘Cyrano’


Peter Dinklage plays in “Cyrano”

SPIN’s Sarina Bellissimo recently caught up with Peter Dinklage to discuss his new musical film Cyrano.

She also spoke with her co-star Kelvin Harrison Jr, the film’s director Joe Wright and screenwriter Erica Schmidt.

Peter plays the role of Cyranoin the new film of the same name.

Too self-aware to woo Roxanne himself, Cyrano de Bergerac helps the young Christian woman touch her heart through love letters.

Watch the full trailer here:

Peter chats with SPIN

Sarina asked Peter how he convinced his wife, and the film’s screenwriter Erica Schmidt, that he would be perfect for the role of Cyrano.

“Well, having the benefit of sharing a house together, she had readings; early versions of the draft at our house,” he began his response.

“So I kind of made coffee for all the other actors and said, ‘Can I read this part. “”

“Just because I was in the room and I call myself an actor,” he added.

“So just to fill the seats, she let me read the part of Cyrano several times, then I wouldn’t let go.”

Peter also talked about the musical elements of the film and admitted he didn’t think there would be that many.

“She always had the idea of ​​making it a play with songs.”

He explained: “But more and more started, as they went, to become attached to the piece.”

Peter said he was “absolutely terrified” to perform the tracks live on set for the director and crew.

“I mean, thank goodness we had the basics of theater production before, so I had a familiarity with the songs.”

“But everything changes once you make the movie. It’s a very different way of interpreting the songs.”

He explained, “Cinema gives you an intimacy that you don’t have as much in the theater.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Peter shared how he felt about 10 men in the big action scenes.

And he also revealed the unusual memory he brought back from his filming in Sicily.

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Kelvin Harrison Jr.

Kelvin Harrison Jr is a Christian in Joe Wright’s, Cyrano.

He explained to Sarina why he initially thought her involvement in the film was a big prank, and he talked about the challenges that come with filming in the time of COVID.

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Joe Wright

Director Joe Wright brings his version of Cyrano de Bergerac to Irish cinemas on February 25.

In his interview with Sarina, he revealed why his love for this story and the need to keep the UK film industry running during the pandemic drove him to make this film, even when people thought he was crazy for it. to chase.

Watch the full interview here:

Erica Schmidt

First adaptation by Erica Schmidt Cyrano for the stage, then Joe Wright asked him to do it again for the big screen.

Erica shared what the hardest part of adapting the play was for her; what it was like working with her husband (Peter Dinklage); and how she hopes audiences will feel after seeing the film.

Watch the full interview here:

Cyrano hits Irish theaters this Friday, February 25.


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