WATCH: A Celebration of St. Brigid – Irish music and dance concerts


The Association of Irish and Celtic Festivals (AICF) is proud to host A Celebration of St. Brigid, with support from the Embassy of Ireland, celebrating an Irish Saint and Celtic Goddess with music from a mix of famous Irish musicians.

Saint Brigid is one of Ireland’s patron saint, although she is not as famous as her male counterpart, Saint Patrick, but has her own legends and tales. The AICF, which is dedicated to bringing Irish culture to the United States through Irish and Celtic festivals, wanted to celebrate its importance and put its February 1 party front and center.

Taking place tomorrow, February 1 at 8 p.m. EST, the AICF will present eight acts from around the world, featuring some of the best performers in Irish music and dance. From established acts to emerging groups, this all-female celebration shines a light on an important element of Celtic culture.

You will be able to tune in to the virtual celebration of St. Brigid right here on IrishCentral, as well as on the IrishCentral Facebook page on Monday, February 1 at 8 p.m. EST.

Erin O’Rourke, Indy Irish Fest, and one of the board members of the AICF organization, said: “After our success with our Irish Christmas concert and reaching new audiences through our programming, we wanted to continue our educational mission, and what better than St. Brigid’s Day and a celebration of the female spirit.

“We hope that by showcasing this Irish Patron Saint, her holidays and her stories, we can entertain and educate audiences with a program that celebrates her and some of the best Irish musicians and dancers in the world.”

This event would also not be possible without the generous support of the Irish Embassy and its continued support of the AICF’s mission of bringing Irish culture to life, through music, education, food and entertainment. dance, to those who are not in Ireland in the hope that these traditions are never lost.

Emer Rocke, Ireland’s Deputy Ambassador to the United States, had this to say about St Brigid: ‘From Annie Moore to Mother Jones, Georgia O’Keefe to Maureen O’Hara, Irish women and their girls have led the way through all spheres of American life. During the week that this country’s first female vice president took office, I am delighted to join friends of AICF in announcing this celebration of outstanding women artists.

“Rooted in the Celtic festival of Imbolc, Brigid’s Day has a history just as rich and important as that of St. Patrick’s Day. And, in the years to come, our embassy team and seven consulates – four of which are headed by female diplomats – are determined to do so. should be equally widely celebrated. ”

Irish-American musicians Eileen Ivers and Joanie Madden are expected to co-host the special event on February 1.

Eileen Ivers is a Grammy Award-winning and Emmy-nominated fiddler. She has established herself as the foremost representative of the Irish violin in the world today and has said this about this event: “St. Brigid was a light in the darkest times, a peacemaker, a woman who provided sustenance and refuge for all. I am delighted to join other female artists for a live concert in honor of this beloved Irish saint.

“May the perpetual flame that Saint Brigid lit so long ago, which still burns today in the market square of Kildare Town, live in our hearts and shine through the gift of music and community.”

Joanie Madden, who is considered one of the greatest musicians and personalities in the history of Irish music in America, has been the leader and driving force behind the all-female Irish music and dance troupe Cherish the Ladies since her birth. creation in 1985.

Other artists for the St. Brigid’s AICF celebration include:

Morgan bullock

Irish dancer from Virginia, Bullock rose to prominence last year with her fabulous TikTok videos, mixing hip hop and step dance. 10 years later, she took part in international competitions and was offered the chance to dance with Riverdance after the pandemic ended.

Karan casey

Casey has long been one of the most innovative, provocative and imitated voices in Irish traditional and folk music. Her career spanned twenty-five years, from her beginnings as a jazz performer at George’s Bistro in Dublin to her heady days in New York with the band Solas to her now established solo career and she has sold over ‘half a million albums.

Cherish the ladies

The Grammy-nominated Irish-American supergroup was formed in New York City in 1985 to celebrate the rise of women in what was a male-dominated Irish music scene and has since toured the world. These ladies create an evening that includes a spectacular mix of virtuoso instrumental talent, beautiful vocals, captivating arrangements and mind-blowing dancing. Their continued success as one of the best Celtic bands in the world is due to their ability to take the best of traditional Irish music and dance and put it together in an extremely entertaining show.

Ashley davis

Davis is an American singer-songwriter whose musical imagination invites the world into its eclectic realm. Think Joni Mitchell meets contemporary Celtic and you’ll get something like Ashley Davis ‘creative strength while this mash-up can categorize her work, Davis’ unique ability to capture and cross musical lore ultimately transcends comparison.

The Friel sisters

Hailing from Glasgow with family roots firmly rooted in Donegal Gaeltacht (Derrynamansher), the Friel Sisters perform a tight mix of violin, flute and uilleann pipes interspersed with songs sung in unison, many of which are from their family repertoire. and local. Since the launch of their debut album they have performed at various venues and festivals across Europe, America and Asia and have appeared as guests on stage or on tour with many renowned Irish artists. international.

Emma Langford

Limerick’s daughter, songwriter and performing artist, Emma Langford has won accolades, awards and critical acclaim from County Mayo to Milwaukee. Lingering in this liminal space between folk, jazz and traditional Irish undertones, Langford drew comparisons with Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake and Janis Ian. Her stage presence and voice, however, are truly unique – a haunting mix, best known live.

Cassie and Maggie MacDonald

Nova Scotia sisters Cassie and Maggie who left their own 21st century imprint on that nation’s Celtic soundtrack. Exciting and innovative, their talent is only surpassed by the sheer joy they exude from the performance. Alternating between Gaelic and English, traditional and contemporary, bewitching and electrifying, the duo is simply bewitching. The two wowed audiences around the world with their unparalleled unity of strings, vocals and fabulous percussive dance.

A celebration of St. Brigid will be broadcast live on Monday, February 1 at 8 p.m. EST right here on IrishCentral. For more information on this event, which will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube, please visit the Association of Irish & Celtic Festival website.


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