Utah Producer Releases American Fork Horror Film


“Curse of Crom: The Legend of Halloween” Trailer (Courtesy of Firespire Productions)

AMERICAN FORK, Utah (ABC4) – Filmed at his own base in American Fork,”The Curse of Crom: The Legend of Halloweenis Utahn Rob York’s most recent creation.

The film, available at First video, Peacock TVand Vudu September 23, 2022 pays homage to the classic writer-director duo of ’80s monster movies that York was raised on, while incorporating both modern traditions and ancient origins of the holiday.

“The movie is about a group of high school kids who accidentally release an old Irish entity in their hometown that they have to stop before midnight on Halloween,” York told ABC4. The twist? York revealed that the main character discovers a dark secret about her past that could lead to her being haunted for eternity.

Filled with ghosts and screams, York shared that this production rocked the entire Utah County neighborhood in which it was filmed. “It was shot in the neighborhood where I live, in five or six houses of my neighbors,” he laughed. “It was great fun working with all the neighbours, everyone really enjoyed it. It felt like a big community project.

A group effort, and a true homage to Halloween. “I love Halloween and all things scary. I really wanted to make a movie about Halloween. There are so many movies that take place during the holidays, but I wanted to make one that is actually about the holidays themselves” said York.In addition to costumes, pumpkin carving and sleight of hand, Crom features the original Irish traditions from which these activities originated, all tied together in a cohesive plot.

York, as well as one of the film’s stars, Colin Cunningham, or “Greg” in The Curse of Crom, both talked about how the film can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age. “There is a good balance between monster mayhem and comedy. It’s fun all around, and a great movie to watch with your family,” York said.

Cunningham, an American actor born and raised in California but now a resident of St. George, told ABC4 he met York at the Kanab Film Festival where he saw a film he directed that premiered in 2017 , “Magellan.”

“I couldn’t believe what he had accomplished,” Cunningham shared, adding, “I approached him and said, ‘Hey, man. Whenever you have something to do, call me. Luckily, it wasn’t until six months, maybe eight months later, that he introduced me to Crom. I was immediately on board.

Cunningham noted that he credits York with the ability to tell a true story in his productions. “None of the horror movies made today is about storytelling, Crom is.”

For a true Halloween tale with strong Utah roots, check out “The Curse of Crom: The Legend of Halloween” on one of the previously mentioned streaming platforms.


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