US Domestic News Roundup: Utah ban for trans girls in school sports stalled amid legal challenge; Biden’s climate law could expand controversial biogas industry and more


Below is a summary of briefs from US domestic news.

Utah’s ban on trans girls in school sports blocked in legal challenge

A Utah judge on Friday blocked enforcement of a state law barring transgender girls from participating in girls’ school sports as he considered a lawsuit filed by three transgender female students challenging the law. The Utah state legislature passed the law earlier this year, arguing it would help protect athletes and ensure women are not excluded from their sport.

Biden’s climate law could expand controversial biogas industry

US President Joe Biden’s climate law could help develop a burgeoning but controversial industry that seeks to capture gases from rotting food and agricultural waste and convert them into fuel and other forms of energy . The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) that Biden signed on Tuesday includes new tax credits for companies that build machinery, like anaerobic digesters, to capture climate-damaging emissions, including methane landfills or animal manure lagoons and convert them into natural gas, electricity and heat. The biogas industry argues that the technology is key to meeting the country’s climate goals.

US wants airlines to step up help for stranded and delayed passengers

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has urged the 10 largest US airlines to do more to help stranded and delayed passengers, calling the level of disruption travelers have faced this summer “unacceptable”. Buttigieg, who has come under pressure from US lawmakers who want airlines to provide better service or face hefty fines, has clashed with major US airlines over who is responsible for the tens of thousands of delays and flight cancellations this summer.

Wendy’s customers fall ill, CDC investigates E. coli in four states

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it was investigating an outbreak of E. coli bacteria in four states from an unknown food source, and many people affected reportedly ate sandwiches at Wendy’s Co. Of the 37 patients, 22 people have been declared. consuming Wendy’s sandwiches with romaine lettuce in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania in the week before their illness, the agency said Friday.

Biden administration touts $1 trillion infrastructure bill

The White House is stepping up its efforts to tout the bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure bill and efforts to renovate roads, bridges and airports and reduce emissions. U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg will make a four-day, six-state tour starting Tuesday, visiting Florida, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Ohio, Nevada and New Hampshire to speak about the law on infrastructure.

Safety concerns loom as writers show public support for Rushdie

Watched by counterterrorism officers and police in tactical gear, hundreds of people gathered outside the New York Public Library on Friday to show their support for Salman Rushdie, the author who was stabbed multiple times at a literary event. A week ago. Irish novelist Colum McCann, British writer Hari Kunzru and others read passages from Rushdie’s works from the top of the steps of the library’s flagship branch off Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue. Downstairs, at a distance imposed by the organizers, a crowd of about 400 gathered to listen, breaking out into chants of “Stand with Salman” as the event ended.

House panel seeks social media data on FBI threats made after Trump research

On Friday, US Democratic lawmakers asked social media platforms to provide data regarding an increase in online threats to law enforcement following a search of former President Donald Trump’s Florida home and asked how they planned to react. House Oversight Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney and National Security Subcommittee Chair Stephen Lynch urged CEOs to act quickly in letters to eight internet companies, including Meta Platforms Inc ., Twitter Inc. and TikTok.

As U.S. midterm elections loom, race in New York tests abortion’s sway with voters

Democrat Pat Ryan didn’t mince words as he laid out his version of the New York state congressional special election stakes on Tuesday, telling his supporters that Republican attacks on abortion are contributing to a threat ” existential” for American democracy. “This is not the country I fought for, when the government tells women what to do with their bodies and robs them of their rights,” Ryan, an army veteran, told several dozen Democratic supporters last week at a home in Woodstock overlooking the Catskill Mountains about 100 miles (160 km) north of New York.

US Treasury challenges finding that new IRS funding would raise middle class taxes

As a political messaging war rages over more than $80 billion in new Internal Revenue Service funding, a U.S. Treasury official pushes back against an informal estimate that the money could bring Americans earning less than $400,000 dollars to pay up to $20 billion more in taxes over a decade. Republicans have seized on the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) estimate, saying Democratic President Joe Biden’s sweeping Taxes, Drugs and Climate Act recently signed into law would violate his pledge not to raise taxes on Americans of the middle class.

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