Top 10 CRAZY Facts About Irish Food You NEVER Knew


There is so much to know about Irish cuisine. Here are ten insane facts about Irish cuisine that you didn’t know.

Irish food is so delicious, hearty and comforting. It has been around the world, making people all over the world fall in love with it as well.

There are many dishes that originated in Ireland, such as the famous Irish stew or beef and Guinness pie. But there are also many myths about Irish cuisine, such as some foods being mistaken for Irish when they actually come from somewhere else.

We’re here to set the record straight when it comes to Irish food, so here are ten crazy facts about Irish food you didn’t know.

10. Corned beef is not Irish – a substitute for Irish bacon

Corned beef is not Irish.

We will let you know that this so called Irish food is actually an American invention.

In fact, it was invented by Irish Americans in the 19e-century as a substitute for the traditional Irish dish of bacon and cabbage. So don’t expect corned beef and cabbage to be on the menu when you come to Ireland.

9. Irish Beef – Irish beef in the Middle East

Next on our list of Irish food facts you didn't know is that it's served in Dubai.
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Irish products are high quality and delicious, so it’s no wonder they are distributed all over the world.

Irish beef is even served in the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa to Dubai. It makes us proud to be Irish!

8. Irish cuisine is served all over the world – one of the facts about irish food you didn’t know

The whole world loves Irish food.

Although we have some unusual tastes, Irish cuisine is actually eaten and enjoyed in 180 countries around the world – it’s impressive. Almost world domination!

7. Irish Potatoes – the skin is the most nutritious part

Number seven on our list of Irish cooking facts you didn't know is how we cook potatoes.
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Unlike in the UK, potatoes in Ireland are generally cooked in their skins, and are only removed when served at the table.

The reason for this is to keep the nutrients in the food as long as possible – sometimes even the skin is eaten as well.

6. The Pig – we love our bacon

Bacon is adored in Ireland.

The pig is Ireland’s oldest domesticated animal, hence all the sausages, bacon strips and gammon we eat.

Traditionally, a typical breakfast included a variety of meat, mostly pork, as well as soda bread, porridge, juice, etc., and dinner was usually some form of meat and potatoes.

It’s still the same today, although meat consumption has dropped slightly as more and more people turn to plant-based diets.

5. Bananas – we are bananas for bananas

The next part of our facts about Irish food that you didn't know is that we love bananas.
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Irish bananas come from overseas – of course, because they can’t be grown in a climate like ours.

But did you know that we are the biggest importer of bananas in all of Europe? Who knew we love bananas so much?

4. Irish Cheese – ah becheesus

Irish cheese is delicious.
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Back to the early 20secentury, Irish cheese was not so good as manufacturers mass-produced it.

However, Irish cheesemakers reverted to their artisanal methods of making cheese in the 1970s and Irish cheese is now world famous for its distinctive flavor and quality.

Ireland produces around 50 different types of farmhouse cheese, which are considered delicacies.

3. Food for Lent – oatcakes for everyone

Number three of our Irish food facts you didn't know is about Lent.

Traditionally, during the 40 days of Lent, the Irish gave up anything that came from an animal, be it meat or dairy products. Instead, they opted for other types of food to sustain them until the end of Lent.

Ireland’s poorest people ate nothing but oatcakes for 40 days – thank goodness things have changed now!

2. We grow our own grapes – travel to Italy and France

We grow grapes in Ireland.
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Grapes may not be traditional irish cuisinebut did you know that Ireland is actually home to five wineries in Dublin, Waterford and Cork?

Wine making can be traced back through Irish history for centuries, as Irish monks made wine for Mass – so it’s not quite out of the ordinary.

1. Chips – king of crunchy flavors

Number one on our list of Irish food facts you didn't know is crisps.

Flavored crisps were invented by an Irishman, Joseph ‘Spud’ Murphy, the man behind the Tayto brand.

It all started in 1954 when he created the now iconic Cheese & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, and BBQ flavors, and now there are endless flavors around the world. It was nothing!

So who knew that Ireland was a paradise for vineyards, or that we are the reason for the variety of crisps in the world, or even that we are the biggest importer of bananas on the whole continent?

Well, there’s a lot more than these ten crazy facts about Irish food that you didn’t know because, after all, Irish food dates back centuries and has been influenced by CeltsVikings and Britons.

The potato used to be our primary food source, and we loved it, and still do, but we certainly have a lot more food options these days.

Of course, many traditional Irish dishes are still served with potatoes, because we couldn’t give up our favorite starchy vegetable so easily, could we?


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