The ‘sad’ James Bond movie Pierce Brosnan wanted to remake


When he was announced as James Bond, Pierce Brosnan said he wanted to remake a particular outing of 007 which he felt had a great script but didn’t work out.

Pierce Brosnan once expressed a desire to redo a “sadjames bond film during his run. The Bond franchise got its start in 1962 with the release of Dr. No, and it has become a landmark in the history of cinema. 007 has changed its face and tone many times over the decades, and while its popularity has risen and fallen, the series has proven remarkably resilient. Perhaps the low point of the saga came between 1989 and 1995, with Timothy Dalton’s second Bond adventure. License to kill underperforming and a legal dispute keeping the character off screens for years.


Pierce Brosnan was originally cast as Bond before Dalton, the Irish actor being hired for Living daylights. A last-minute renewal of his contract for TV series Remington Steele forced him to give up, but the producers returned to Brosnan to Golden eye – whose original plan changed several times. The film was met with some skepticism in the press, as the Bond character was believed to be too old-fashioned to work in the 90s. GoldeneEye was produced on a modest budget for this very reason, but it turned out to be a huge blockbuster and Brosnan reprized the role three times in the years that followed.

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He was to take over 007 one more time after 2002 die another day, but while that outing was also a success, the vitriolic reviews surrounding its ridiculous story and goofy tone made it clear that Bond needed to be reinvented once again. After MGM secured the rights to the original Bond story Casino Royale from Sony – which had planned to launch a rival 007 series – it was decided to hit the reset switch and Daniel Craig was hired to play the super spy. Although not all of his movies did well, Brosnan is considered a great Bond performer who never quite got the material he deserved. When it was first announced for golden eyeBrosnan has said he wants to remake the 1969s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Brosnan felt Her Majesty’s Secret Service needed an overhaul

During the Bond 17 press conference (via MI6 Community) in 1994, the actor declared that he would like to redo On Her Majesty’s Secret Servicebecause he thought the story and script were excellent, but the film itself was “just sadHe also made disparaging remarks about George Lazenby’s performance as Bond, leading the latter to also make pointed comments about Brosnan in the press. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – which Lazenby followed up with an anti-Bond film – was once considered something of a franchise black sheep, it has since been re-evaluated as one of the best Bond films ever made.

Lazenby’s inexperience as an actor leads to some stuffy moments, but his mix of arrogance and vulnerability is perfect for the story he tells. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service features great action, one of Diana Rigg’s best Tracy Bond Women and the ending still packs a shocking punch. In a way, the movie got a sweet remake in no time to die, Daniel Craig’s latest 007 film. It borrowed several thematic ideas and the Louis Armstrong song “All The Time In The World” from the 1969 adventure and featured an equally unexpected finale. Had Brosnan redone On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – where Connery’s Bond wouldn’t have worked – in his time, it’s hard to imagine this would have made Lazenby’s film any better either, as his films became increasingly cartoonish and lacked character development as they were advancing.


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