The Making of Tom Curry


Orange compares the pair to ‘movie stars’ and insists she is not surprised by Tom’s rise to England rugby’s highest job – and is adamant his cool head will make him a ‘ great captain. “There is no level of arrogance with Tom,” she adds. “He speaks very well with officials and seniors – he delivers his point of view but is also very respectful.”

The crown is unlikely to weigh heavily on Curry’s head, such is his balanced nature. Still, any lingering anxiety about taking the top job will have been eased by the presence of Carling himself in the England camp this week. “Talking to Will, he’s been a really good influence,” Curry said Thursday. “As a leadership group, we talk to him two to three times a week. We get a lot of advice on how he sees it and how we can improve.

Although the twins try out for Manchester City as a pair of 13-year-old centre-backs – and both miss, according to Tom in a 2019 interview with Telegraph Sport, because he scored an own goal – rugby was always in their blood.

Their father David, who was the headmaster of the first secondary school they attended, Bishop Heber High School, had represented England U21s and their uncle is former England hooker John Olver who was the England rugby coach. Oundle School where they embarked for their sixth year. . They are also cousins ​​of former Northampton Saints fly-half Sam Olver.

Bill Gough, who is now the school’s rugby coach, was Tom’s householder – the twins were separated when they arrived at school – describes Tom as ‘impressive, intelligent and mature’ before giving more vivid details of his school years.

“He doesn’t show off – he’s very humble and polite”

“He was a pretty calm lad and so driven on the rugby pitch, but he was always up for a laugh. Because he was new to school and to our house, but also such a good player, the boys had used to laugh with Tom and they would all hide and ambush him when he came back into the house and pin him to the ground,” he said.

“Tom and Ben were on another level as rugby players but you would never have thought it would all happen so fast. To be honest it was very hard to differentiate who was the better talent – they told me always seemed equal. But with that talent they were also very mature. By maturity I mean they were very disciplined in their sport and schoolwork. They were also excellent cricketers and played football as a team. premiere as well as rugby and cricket.

“They also had a maturity in the sense that they knew how to have fun but weren’t the ones who were at the center of it all and would get into trouble, I think the way they stayed out of trouble showed maturity!”

Orange picks another characteristic that shows Curry is ready for the big task. “At the level Tom has reached, it impresses me when we have team meetings, and they get together to go over things, how Tom is there to mentor guys who are only a few years younger than him.

“He still identifies a lot with his age group despite being given the nickname of being possibly the ‘best flanker in the world’. But no air and no grace comes to Carrington with him. He doesn’t doesn’t show off; he’s very humble and polite. He’s a team player with a lot of experience and knowledge on his shoulders, but he’s always very willing to share that knowledge and that’s another reason for which he would be fit to be captain.


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