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As we say, things can – and often do – change in recruiting…and they can change quickly.

After eyeing an announcement in late October/early November for several weeks, Taeshaun Lyons‍ may not be ready to decide until late November or later.

That might not sound like a huge amount, but with National Signing Day drawing ever closer, within that timeframe, the Irish should start committing other options before the 2023 California wide receiver is ready to decide. .

Since the Lyon official at Notre-Dame in September, we have always believed there was a very good chance that this would be the last official visit he would make. If he had stuck to his original commitment dates – which would have been this Friday or the next – he would have been, but the main reason for pushing back his announcement is that he decided he would like the opportunity to discover other schools.

Lyons received an offer from Texas A&M earlier this week. This offer alone was not a game-changer so to speak, although he was interested in a possible visit to College Station.

He’s considered taking non-officials to Washington and Oregon in recent weeks, but nothing has worked out and postponing doesn’t seem like a major priority.

Miami is the only school that has remained a constant over the past few weeks and is probably the biggest factor in pushing back its schedule.

One of the reasons we continued to doubt Lyon was accepting more visits was that getting to Miami for a visit seemed nigh on impossible with its previous schedule.

Getting to South Bend for a Saturday night game after a Friday night game on the West Coast is tough. Going to Miami for a game at noon on Saturday after a Friday night game on the West Coast just doesn’t make sense.

The Hurricanes host rival Florida State next Saturday night and it could be a lot easier for the Irish to be patient if Lyons makes that visit and then goes into decision mode. But he has a game that night and seems to prefer going to the Hurricanes’ home final against Pitt on Nov. 26.

We think the Irish are Lyon’s favorite school at this stage and if he had to choose today, be confident he would choose Notre Dame. But, after discussing it with his camp, he is leaning towards letting the process play out a bit longer, understanding that Our Lady cannot afford not to start looking at other perspectives.

The Irish aren’t going to remove Lyon from the board – on the contrary, they might start signing him even harder than they already have, which has been quite difficult. But, they also cannot put themselves in the position of waiting a month for a decision without evaluating other options.

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