The Hurler – a hurling film will be shot in the South East


Yes, a comedy movie based on the crazy world of hurling is finally happening.

The story revolves around Ireland’s most notorious pitcher, Gar Campion. One of the game’s most decorated and controversial figures has found himself embroiled in the biggest scandal to ever hit the Gaelic Games.

Gar is then forced to take a job coaching a new misfit pitching team to pay off a debt, and along the way runs into an old flame. Armed with a love for hurling and chicken nuggets, can Gar regain his high status, or more importantly, does he want to?

The film is based on the multi-award winning web series, ‘The Hurler’ and the one-man show ‘The Hurler: An Audience with Gar Campion’ which sold out several nights at Garter Lane, Waterford.

Speaking to writer, actor and project director Tony Kelly, he had this to say;

“After over four years of ups and downs, trials and failures, stage adaptations and all the different applications, oh, and a two-year global pandemic, it’s FINALLY happened!”

“Everything shoots in Waterford, my hometown. So thrilled to be working with so many wonderful people and an extremely talented, exciting, and internationally acclaimed cast.

Names touted for the project include D’Unbelievables’ Jon Kenny, Savage Eye’s Dave McSavage, and Elva Trill fresh off filming the new Jurassic World. Local Kilkenny production company Dicemen Productions will provide camera and some of the post-production for the project, with a host of Kilkenny actors also involved.

You can find a recent collaboration between Dicemen Productions and Tony Kelly below:

Tune in this Saturday to hear Tony talk about the journey and the excitement as he prepares to begin filming on April 11.


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