The European Film Academy honors Turkish cinema at the Excellence Awards


As moviegoers count the days until award-winning Turkish director Emin Alper’s latest film hits the big screen, it was announced on Wednesday that the thriller, ‘Kurak Günler’ (‘Burning Days’), is among eight winners of the European Film Academy (EFA) Excellence Award.

The European Editing Prize went to Özcan Vardar and Eytan İpeker for Alper’s “Burning Days,” which had its world premiere at Cannes in the Un Certain Regard section this year, according to a statement from the academy on the awards, known as the European Oscars. .

Set in a small town in the Turkish heartland of Anatolia that faces water and political crises, the film focuses on a young and dedicated prosecutor. The film is Alper’s fourth film after “Beyond the Hill”, “Frenzy” and “A Tale of Three Sisters”.

Winners of categories honoring different arts and crafts will receive their awards at a ceremony on Dec. 10 in Reykjavik, Iceland, the statement added.

Kate McCullough won the European Cinematography Award for ‘The Quiet Girl’. Jim Clay received the production design award while Charlotte Walter won the costume design award for the drama ‘Belfast’.

The Make-up and Hair prize was awarded to Heike Merker for the German drama of the First World War “All Quiet On the Western Front”. Paweł Mykietyn won the Original Score award for ‘EO’, which is also Poland’s nomination for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars for 2023.

The European Sound Prize went to Simone Paolo Olivero, Paolo Benvenuti, Benni Atria, Marco Saitta, Ansgar Frerich and Florian Holzner for “The Hole”, while Frank Petzold, Viktor Müller and Markus Frank won the European Prize visual effects for “All Quiet On the Western Front.”

A special eight-member jury made up of representatives from different arts and crafts chose the winners based on the feature film selection from the European Film Awards, according to the statement.

Jury members included production designer Henrich Boraros from the Czech Republic, sound designer Pascal Capitolin from France, visual effects supervisor Jaime Cebrian from Spain, makeup artist and hairstylist Charlotte Chang from Germany, composer Christina Georgiou from Greek Cypriot administration, costume designer Magdalena Labuz from Luxembourg, editor Sarah McTeigue from Ireland/Italy and cinematographer Nathalie Pitters from the UK

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