The Donegal Sports Partnership is preparing to launch a series of training workshops


Following the resounding success of the I COACH KIDS conference recently held at ATU Donegal in association with Sport Ireland Coaching, Donegal Sports Partnership has organized a series of coaching workshops which will be rolled out over the coming months.

The series will be delivered by Sport Ireland Coaching and will focus on physical literacy, coaching children in sport and coaching teenage girls in sport. Workshops are open to all coaches, volunteers and teachers from all sports clubs, community centers and schools with varying levels of experience.

The first of the workshops, which will focus on physical literacy, will be presented on Tuesday, October 4th. This session will last two and a half hours and will cover the origins, definitions, elements and importance of physical literacy, while identifying where and how physical literacy can be developed and by whom. The cost of this workshop is 10 €.

The Coaching Kids in Sport program is divided into four modules and will be offered online and in person on Tuesday October 18, Thursday October 20 and Saturday October 22. The goal of the Children’s Coaching Program is to provide participants with a basic understanding of children’s sport and physical activity, and the best ways to optimize children’s enjoyment, participation and positive outcomes.

The concepts of physical literacy and holistic development are present throughout the series of workshops and will be covered in detail. Looking ahead to the three-session course, Sheelagh Quinn, Head of Coaching Children, said: “Coaching children is a process of guided discovery, placing the needs of the child at the center of the process and ensuring that each child lives a positive experience. It’s also about keeping them engaged in sport and physical activity for life.

The duration of this workshop is 12 hours which will be spread over four sessions. Modules one and two will be delivered through online workshops and will cover successfully coaching children in sport – an introduction for coaches and child-centred coaching – understanding child development and learning its impact on the way we coach. Modules three and four will deal with the development of physical literacy. These will be delivered in person and attendees will have the opportunity to coach each other. The cost of this program is €40 and the fee will include lunch on Saturday 22 October.

The Coaching Teenage Girls in Sport workshop will be delivered online on Thursday, November 10. This workshop has been developed to enable coaches to create a positive sport and physical activity coaching experience for girls aged 12-17, and to create an environment where girls and young women can thrive. holistically. Topics covered will include engagement, dropping out, communication and maturing. This workshop will cost €10.

Donegal Safety Training Solutions will offer workshops on sports first aid, while the Irish Heart Foundation will run the Heart Saver course. Both workshops last three hours and will be offered in person.

Sports first aid will be delivered on Thursday 10 November and will cover the following – Call for help, when and how?, chain of survival and golden hour, CPR and a defibrillator initiation, choking, posture Recovery, Head Injuries, Fractures, Medical Emergencies including Asthma, Anaphylaxis and Epilepsy. Participants will receive a certificate valid for two years and the fee is €25.

The Irish Heart Foundation’s Heart Saver Workshop will take place on Tuesday 22 November and will discuss calling emergency services – how and when?, CPR, defibrillation, heart attacks and strokes , administration of aspirin and choking. Participants will receive an Irish Heart Foundation certificate valid for two years and the cost is €30.

The Women’s Leadership Program is a 10-week personal development program aimed at providing training and support to women to help them succeed in leadership roles in their sport. The course will give women and girls across

Donegal the opportunity to improve their personal skills, increase their confidence and network with like-minded people in different sports.

Sessions will be delivered using a combination of online and in-person settings. The sessions will be interactive and will focus on developing confidence, leadership, resilience and effective communication. The program is specifically designed for female leaders over the age of 16 who work or volunteer in sport – committee members, officials, coaches and those who want to play a future role in club activities.

The links for the workshops are:

(1)physical literacy
(2)Coaching children in sports
(3) Coaching teenagers in sports
(4) Sports first aid
(5)heart saver
(6)Women’s Leadership Program

For more information log on to Active Donegal

Places will be offered through an application process. As the course is heavily subsidized by Sport Ireland dormant accounts, Donegal Sports Partnership are able to offer a place for €30. The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, October 14 at noon.


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