The best Irish music releases of 2021 so far


As we quickly approach the midpoint of 2021, took a step back to assess the vast collection of music published by Irish artists so far.

Slowly emerging from lockdown, Irish artists get back into the mix, releasing brand new albums and singles at an exceptional rate.

From renowned Irish-born artists to promising musicians rising through the ranks, there is more than enough new music to keep listeners enthralled until the long-awaited live performances return later this year.

Wyvern Lingo. Photo: Miguel Ruiz

Wyvern Lingo – Awake

Wyvern Lingo, the Wicklow trio, released their second album Awake You Lie in February.

With their hauntingly beautiful harmonic voices, Karen, Caoimhe, and Saoirse ask the intimidating question of whether you’ve made the right life choices and existential fear of what’s to come.

If the past year has confused you, you’re sure to find solace in the soothing R&B folk sounds of Awake You Lie, while tapping into the infectious beats of the girls.

Christian Cohle – Holy Trouble

In February 2021, Christian Cohle released his debut album Holy Trouble, giving listeners a taste of what the Dublin singer and producer has to offer, and marking him as one to watch.

The electronic pop album showcases Christian Cohle’s soft voice over intriguing melodies and rhythms that will send you into a trance.

The multi-instrumentalist is already preparing his second album, with many fans eager to see what he will do next with his undeniable talent.

For those I love – For those I love

For those I love, David Balfe caught the attention of viewers across the UK and Ireland when he performed his single I Have A Love on Later With Jools Holland in November.

The singer’s performance took music fans all over their life’s emotional journey, exploring heartbreak, pain and friendship, and fully exposing his vulnerabilities.

I Have A Love was quickly followed by For These I Love’s debut album in March, once again blowing listeners with surprisingly personal lyrics and an impressive collection of samples that fans of the album are still developing. to discover.

Savage youth
Wild youth. Photo: Jeunesse sauvage / Facebook

Wild Youth – Forever Girl

Wild Youth, the Dublin quartet, released their second EP in March, gaining plenty of airtime on national radio stations with their single Champagne Butterflies.

Through the six-track EP, the band shows off their wide range of sounds and unwillingness to label as they move from hip-hop to funk to pop song by song.

Whether it’s emulating love or loneliness, almost every song on Wild Youth’s EP delivers the kind of chorus that will no doubt be shouted at them once they play live again. .

New Dad
New daddy. Photo: Supplied

NewDad – Waves

Galway-based alternative rockers NewDad have taken the Irish music scene by storm due to the lockdown, recording single after single before releasing their debut EP Waves in March.

Emulating a dreamy, scary pop sound with catchy ’90s guitar melodies, NewDad takes listeners through the emotional traps and uncertainty of young love.

NewDad’s debut EP attracted so many new fans that the quartet are now preparing to play a number of sold-out concerts in the UK and Ireland once the lockdown is lifted.

Imelda May New Album
Imelda May. Photo: RMV / REX / Shutterstock

Imelda May – past 11 o’clock

Imelda May graced fans in April with her latest full album 11 Past The Hour, and has already reached No. 1 on the official Irish Albums chart.

An entirely different woman from the one who once sang rockabilly songs and sported a blonde pinup girl with her ponytail, Imelda is now the type of singer who can call Ronnie Wood or Noel Gallagher anytime for a feature film.

Covering topics such as the excitement of a new romance and equality between all races, classes and genders, the theme of 11 Past The Hour is love of all kinds.

The singer recently noted that someone in the music industry had warned her not to release another album and that “as a woman over 40 I was wasting my time.”

Imelda not only proved the skeptics wrong with this album, but also showed them the door.

A number of new singles have also been released by prominent names in the Irish music business, promising big things for the second half of 2021.


Ahead of their highly anticipated fifth studio album in August, Villagers released the track and music video for their latest single The First Day.

Returning with his soothing voice and sparkling sound straight out of an enchanted woodland forest, Conor O’Brien is back and ready to wow folk fans again.


Irish music star CMAT (or Ciara Mary Alice Thompson) kicked off 2021 with her latest single I Don’t Really Care For You, and a fabulous music video to match.

Drawing inspiration from its heroes Dolly Parton and Linda Martin, CMAT is here to reintroduce Irish youth to the brilliance of country music. Keep an eye out for the debut EP from the self-proclaimed global teenage pop sensation.


Ahead of his debut album Town’s Dead in June, Dublin rapper Kojaque pissed off Irish rap fans with the release of his single of the same name.

Accompanied by a clip of a headless Kojaque, the chaotic single sees the rapper declare “My town is not dead, it’s dormant”, alluding to the Dublin city commentary fans might expect. to hear more on the next album.

Biig Piig
Biig Piig. Photo: Mélanie Lehmann

Biig Piig

Biig Piig (AKA Jessica Smyth) has released the first single from their upcoming EP The Sky Is Bleeding, which will be released on May 21.

Irish singer and rapper Lavender’s latest sensual single and neo-soul music video gives a little taste of what fans can expect from the pending album.


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