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Our Movie of the Week podcast recommendation has a pair of filmmakers discussing movies: here’s The Best Bits.

The majority of the British film podcasts we feature on Film Stories are hosted by enthusiastic amateurs; people with a passion for cinema or filmmaking, but without real experience in the field. Sometimes true fans make the best reviews and reviews, but in the case of The best tracksHosted by Kevin Lehane and Will Collins, they meet the criteria of being big movie fans, but also have some serious movie credentials.

At Film Stories we believe in giving credit where credit is due, so here are some of the things Kevin and Will have accomplished so far; Will is the screenwriter of wolf walkers and song of the sea, two terrific animated feature films from Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon, both nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Kevin wrote the cult classic Irish monster movie Catchersand was nominated for the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Award for Best First Feature.

So both Kevin and Will are pretty talented guys, but their talents don’t stop there. At the height of the pandemic, around Christmas 2020, they decided to launch a podcast as well. The best tracks does exactly what he suggests, he takes the best bits of movies, be it scenes, subjects or tropes, and offers them to Will and Kevin to discuss. Being both naturally creative, podcasting is a way to get their creativity flowing in a different, yet satisfying way, and bring some fun back into what was a really weird time for everyone.

Kevin and Will are great friends, and they especially appreciate any opportunity to make each other laugh. This is also found in the episodes. You can really tell that they really enjoy chatting with each other and have great hosting chemistry. They like to talk about scenes that elicit a range of emotions, but do so in an accessible and informative way. This enthusiasm saturates each episode, which makes The best tracks a very easily binge worthy podcast.

You can tell there is a lot of wit and intelligence behind The best tracks, even artificial intelligence. Kevin created an AI podcast, called Podbot, as part of an episode on Best Robot Scene. Podbot makes regular appearances and is almost a third co-host. Like all podcasts, there’s a lot of work involved in the general day-to-day tasks that all podcasters have to do, but like most things they do, Will and Kevin go the extra mile. It’s the little things that stand out, like their logo being different movie logo fonts (take a look and see if you can guess them all!), and let’s be honest, not all movie podcasts create their own AI. It’s clear that for Kevin and Will, the listening experience is paramount. They really care about creating the best podcast possible – and they do!

Their new season has just begun and you can expect the same terrific mix of fun, facts and generally infectious joy, as well as episodes about opening scenes, battle scenes, superhero scenes and films made for television. Even the fact that Will records his version of the episodes in a big pink room is endearing. You want to listen to these guys, and you want to keep listening, and that’s the mark of a great podcast.

The best tracks on The best tracks? Is it wrong to tell everything?

Recommended episode: Season 3 Episode 29 – Best parody scene – (March 23, 2022) –

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