‘The 100’ – First Look at Thailand’s Giant Centipede Monster Movie [Exclusive]


In theaters in Thailand on October 6 by the directors Chalit Kraileadmongkon and Pakphum Wongjindacentipede horror movie The 100 unveiled a first look today.

The film centers on a giant centipede and its spawn, and it’s one of four giant monster films hitting Thailand this year after Leio: the terrible giant and Lake.

In The 100“Fame and Phil, two popular sibling YouTubers, check into the Srichanphen Hotel for a 14-day state-mandated quarantine at the height of the pandemic. Also in Fame and Phil’s group are Leo , a quiet young man where his sister Lena and their father arrive, and Steve, a bad-tempered American.In the hotel, they encounter strange events.

“A swarm of centipedes come out of every nook and cranny to attack the group, then Fame and Leo find a mysterious corpse in an emergency exit. Later, they discover that a monster is hiding in the hotel: a giant centipede that resides in the human body to prolong its existence.The centipede possesses the body of a person, assumes the human form and personality, and then searches for its next host again and again.So it is impossible to say if any of the hotel guests are actually the monster in disguise.

“The giant centipede discovers that Fame has a special blood type that allows him to extend his life forever, and Fame suddenly becomes his main target. Leo must find a way to save Fame with his father and sister by searching for a route safe to exit the hotel now surrounded by the deadly army of centipedes.

Charoen Kaithitisuwan, Chalit Kraileadmongkon, Pakphum Wongjinda and Mike Angelo wrote the script for The 100. Punyanet Tanaprapass produced the creature feature.

Mike Angelo, Chanya McClory, David Assavanond, Benjamin Joseph Varneyand Kulteera Yordchang star.

Check out exclusive images and posters below and expect more soon!


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