Streaming Fans Steer Mel Gibson’s Most Criticized Movie to No. 1


via Liongate

Mel Gibson’s career has been virtually nothing but a series of notable ups and downs throughout the 21st century, with the actor and filmmaker starring in as many action thrillers as humanly possible. , which in turn produced some of the best and worst films of his career. On the one hand, you have the tastes of blood father and boss levelbut on the other hand Panama and Force of nature.

The latter two share the distinction of being the lowest-rated entries in Gibson’s entire filmography, each carrying a disastrous 8% score on Rotten Tomatoes. A 17% user rating is also in the pits, but that hasn’t stopped Force of nature to secure first place in a major market for streaming prices.


According to FlixPatrol, since being added to the Prime Video library in the UK and Ireland last Friday, Michael Polish’s soggy genre flick has landed the top spot in both markets. To be fair, Gibson only plays a supporting role in a handful of scenes as a grizzled ex-cop (with a distinctly unconvincing Noo Yawk accent), but even he can’t save. Force of nature of the disaster.

The numbers actor finds a gang of thieves trying to recover $55 million they had hidden in an apartment building, said complex being evacuated due to the devastating hurricane sweeping through Puerto Rico. Ignoring the abundance of rain and wind, you might find a dozen titles just like Force of nature in no time, and chances are most of them will be better.


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