Sky Sports compares Leeds boss Jesse Marsch to Roy Keane after answering phone during press as fans all say the same thing


SKY SPORTS made fans laugh by comparing Leeds Utd boss Jesse Marsch to Man Utd legend Roy Keane.

The American was holding a press conference ahead of the Premier League clash between Leeds and Leicester when a reporter’s phone rang.


Jesse Marsch laughed it off after a phone exploded during a press conference at Leeds Utd
It was a far cry from Roy Keane's reaction when he was manager of Ipswich Town


It was a far cry from Roy Keane’s reaction when he was manager of Ipswich Town

Sporting an amused smile, Marsch asked, “Who is that?” before looking at the ringing phone and saying, “It’s Keith Webster.”

The journalist approached the head table and cut the bell before returning to his seat.

Marsch joked, “Oh man! Do you have a good system? Maybe you should develop one between yourselves.”

When asked how much he thought the fine should be, he laughed and replied, “I’ll leave that to you guys.”

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Sky Sports posted the hilarious dungeon on Twitter, captioned: “Always remember to put your phone on silent at press conferences…”

The broadcaster then provided an invaluable contrast to Roy Keane, who was slightly less accommodating when it happened to him.

During his tenure as manager of Ipswich Town, Keane was answering a question in a presser when, like Marsch, he was interrupted by a telephone ringing.

While Marsch jokingly kicked off a good system, the former Republic of Ireland and Man Utd captain wasn’t quite as jovial.

He asked, “Who is this phone? This is the second time it’s been turned off.”

When one of the reporters in the room admitted it was his, Keane continued: “Why don’t you turn it off? This is the second time it’s been turned off.

“Why not put it on silent mode?” »

Increasingly annoyed, he added, “Are you going to let it ring? Okay, that’s good manners.”

Sky Sports shared this clip with the caption: “Jesse Marsch was much more forgiving than Roy Keane…”


In the comments, fans were hysterical at the juxtaposition as they debated the merits of each reaction.

One said: “As always, he’s perfect. How rude to leave him ringing”

‘Tom’ tweeted: “Roy Keane has some of the most terrifying ‘angry eyes’ in world football.

“When he had his beard in a mess, he looked particularly menacing.”

‘Richard’ joked: ‘The reporter is lucky to be alive letting it sound like this on Keane’

Another said: “‘It’s good manners’ – he’s such a**e but you gotta love Roy Keane – as for Jesse Marsch, it’s nice to see a manager having a bit of fun despite the high pressure nature of the job.

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“Sounds like a really good guy!”

In response to Marsch’s carefree approach, ‘Tony’ said, ‘I don’t think Roy Keane would have smiled so much’


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