Screening of local films at the Belmore on Sundays


HUGO Morgan said he was excited and nervous about showing his feature film in his hometown of Scone on Sunday, but said he hoped locals enjoyed their work and recognized the places and the locals.

We finished filming earlier this year but due to the covid we weren’t able to have any screenings and hopefully make people watching it happy, I’m both excited and nervous ” , said Hugo.

“Once the locals see it, they’ll recognize almost any place I can imagine,” he said.

“It’s a road movie that’s supposed to go through all of New South Wales, but we figured we could simulate that part and shoot a lot of places around Scone and use the resources we have as a town. native,

“We were in the Golden Fleece for three weeks and there are eight different buildings in the movie, we have the Belmore, the Royal and there are a multitude of picturesque places around Scone as well as the Aberdeen RSL, the parking lot behind Home Hardware in Muswellbrook and other places, ”he said.

“We had a few scenes with a few extras and in the climactic scene we had around 20 people and it was fun to bring everyone there and we also have local talent playing there as well,” he said. -he declares.

Lorna Driscoll and James Smart have cameos, while Cosmo Posa has a starring role.

The film has screened at ten film festivals abroad and won awards, including Best Feature Film at the Berlin Independent Film Festival, and the soundtrack will soon be released on Spotify.

“The feedback has been positive and just being selected for any festival on our stage is pretty exciting and everyone who watched it seems to have really liked and enjoyed the music,” Hugo said.

“There were screenings in Ireland, some in England, notably at the Berlin Independent Film Festival, we won the best feature award there and one in America and we won a few awards, the best musical. et al, our first screening in Sydney is this month, then we’ll have a local screening on the 19th, then one in Melbourne next year, ”he said.

“We think it’s really important to have a local screening where we filmed the film and there are a lot of people in the community without whom the film wouldn’t have happened, so it will be nice to bring it back and to show it to your family, “said Hugo Morgan.

Hugo started producing films early in high school, he is now studying at the Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne and hopes to make a living telling stories in the medium he enjoys the most.

“I started in high school, I have always liked telling stories, I liked lighting, photography and music and I see cinema as another avenue for all of this, it is the ultimate combination of psychics, ”said Hugo.

“We have plans for more low budget productions with Mazgo in the next few years and ideally I want to continue collaborating and telling stories; the end goal is to make films where you can pay everyone who works there a living wage for their creativity and contribution and ensure that you can survive making films and bring them out, ”said Hugo Morgan .

Colelct Your Roadkill is described as a road trip, comedy, drama and diegetic musical, about a musician and his unlikely manager fleeing their past lives and traveling through the country of New South Wales on the run.


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