Ronan Keating says it was ‘like a horror movie’ watching his son on Love Island


The singer’s eldest son, Jack (23), appeared on the ITV dating show during Casa Amor.

After failing to pair up with someone in the villa, the Dubliner was dumped from the island.

Appearing on the Heat Under The Duvet podcast, Boyzone star Ronan said watching his son appear on the show was like watching a horror movie.

“All these thoughts go through your head before the show, and when it actually comes to the show, it’s like watching a horror movie, you have the pillow in front of you the whole time in fear, waiting for this leap moment.”

The host then asked if Ronan had been in contact with Michael Owen, whose 19-year-old daughter currently appears on the show.

“No, we weren’t no, that’s absolutely how you try to get as far away from it all as possible… you’re like ‘oh my God, really? Don’t say that, oh no, I hope they don’t show it in bed.

“It’s like that as a parent watching Love Island, it’s like a horror movie.”

Keating also revealed that he advised Jack not to mention him or his band Boyzone while he was in

The villa.

“I told Jack before he walked into the villa not to drop the Boyzone name, or me, because no one will know who we are in there, so it won’t get you talking,” he said.

During a chat with Gemma Owen, Jack blurted out his father’s name and before leaving the show, fellow islander Ekin-Su referenced Ronan’s hit song “Life is a Rollercoaster.”

Ronan said, “I was blown away, when Ekin-Su told her ‘life is a roller coaster,’ and she knew about Boyzone, what was I like?”

The proud dad admitted he had hoped his son would get more screen time than him on the show.

“We worried about him for a while, we thought he had left the villa because he hadn’t really been there for a while, we were like ‘what’s going on? here…’ Justice for Jack!”

“I was actually quite proud of him, because I know my son is a gentleman, he’s not on camera because he’s just too nice.

“I look at Billy and the things he says, I’m like ‘he really wants to come into the villa’, and he did!”

“I’m so proud, look at him now, he’s out, and all the guys that come out, they gotta get to work,” Ronan continued.

“Any opportunity that comes their way, they have to take it and move with it and I know how busy he is. [Jack] since he came out, and he’s only been there for a few days, so it’s amazing the impact it has.”

When asked how he would have felt if Jack had had the chance to visit The Hideaway with one of his fellow islanders, the father-of-five said he had “no idea what it is”.

But after being told, he joked that he was glad Jack got out of the villa before it happened.


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