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One of the most famous alternative horror movie cuts that has yet to surface is the “Craven Cup” from the werewolf movie Damn, which may or may not exist. To be clear, there is no completed “Craven Cut” of Damn sitting on a shelf somewhere waiting for release, that’s true, but it’s also clear that there are images floating around out there that we’ve never seen.

As Ryan Larson explained here on BD last year, “Originally written in 2000, Dimension executives claimed [Cursed] would reinvent the werewolf genre. It would take half a decade and four revivals later before Damn finally made its way to screens in the spring of 2005.”

“Now what was written, what was filmed and what we saw are three very different things. While many of these elements have long been considered lost in time, as we move forward, small pieces continue to find the light of day,” Larson added.

To start, Skeet Ulrich (Scream) was originally in Wes Craven Damnwith Craven’s original vision also including practical effects from the legendary Rick Baker (An American werewolf in London). Baker, alas, was eventually dropped from the project, and various rewrites and revivals ended up almost completely altering Craven’s original plans.

Meagan Navarro explains in another article: “The original plot centered on a trio of characters brought together by a car accident that turned into a werewolf attack. Those leads were Ellie Hudson (Christine Ricci), Vince Winston (Skeet Ulrich) and Jimmy Myers (Jesse Eisenberg), and several notable cast members were ultimately cut or dropped due to the lengthy hiatus.

Again, you can read more about this whole troubled history here.

As we announced recently, Scream Factory brings Damn out on Blu-ray next April, but alas, it doesn’t look like they’ve been able to track down that elusive “Craven Cut” footage.

Scream Factory told us a few weeks ago, “Please note: The Unrated Cut is not the original Craven Cut of the movie featuring different actors in the roles. We tried.”

So what about the so-called “Craven Cut”? Well, our friends over at Hello Sidney just unearthed a gallery of images of some of these alternate scenes, showing everything from a badass practical werewolf to a look at Skeet Ulrich’s excised character!

Head over to Hello Sidney for a fresh look at DamnPictures from “Craven Cut”!

Who knows, maybe one day the images will be released…


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