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Steubenville Police

Helped himself: A Grandview Avenue resident told police the father of her child took her car without her permission and she did not know where he or the vehicle was on Tuesday. While they spoke with her, the man argued with her on the phone but would not tell her where the vehicle was, police said.

Found: Police responded to a city residence after a father found a bag containing a white powdery substance on a shelf in his daughter’s closet on Tuesday. He told police that his daughter and her boyfriend had been home earlier, and she called him soon after to ask if she could come home, but he told her no. He said he looked in his closet after they left and found the bag, which he feared was an illicit substance. Police said she tested positive for traces of fentanyl.

In the bag: Three girls who walked out of Kroger with items they didn’t pay for were taken into custody on Tuesday. Kroger employees were able to report the three, who were then in a nearby retail store. Two of the miners showed officers where they had hidden the items they had stolen; the third still had a bag with the items she had taken, police said, and after handing it to the officer, he ran to Wendy’s and then onto Sunset Boulevard. An officer said she ran into a fenced backyard, jumped a fence and rushed into the visitors’ locker room at Steubenville High School, where officers found her hiding and placed her in custody. She will be charged with petty theft, obstructing official business and has received an arrest warrant issued by the sheriff’s department, police said. The other two girls face petty theft charges.

Upset: A West Adams Street resident said his children told him their friends’ mother told them they couldn’t play at her house anymore, and later when he asked her why she had put on angry and started yelling at him on Tuesday. He said he went inside to avoid a confrontation, but later, as he walked home from the store, she followed him screaming, and when he opened her door, she walked over. is put in the face and hit him. Police said he had no visible injuries and was not interested in prosecution, but wanted the incident documented. An officer attempted to speak with the woman, but she was not interested.

Not Wanted: A Pennsylvania Avenue resident told police her sister had a shotgun and wanted her out of her house on Tuesday. Police said she did not have it on her when they arrived, so she was allowed to leave. His sister then asked them to check inside to make sure she hadn’t hidden him there when she knew the police were on their way, but she was not located.

Disappeared: A resident of Lovers Lane told police his Irish setter escaped on Tuesday night. He said the animal shelter had no reports that anyone had found his dog.

Dog bite: A pet bit a child in the face in the 400 block of Union Avenue on Tuesday. The child’s mother handed over this dog and another from home to the animal shelter.

Code Issues: In response to complaints and following site inspections, Notices of Violation were provided to owners/occupiers of properties located at 732 Oakmont Avenue, litter, trash and mattress at the rear of the property ; 1116 Hillary Square, trash and toys on the roof, garage bags stacked in the back and in a detached garage.

Cited: Lavocni J. Brown, 38, 500 Union Ave., Steubenville, DUS, Possession of Marijuana and Marked Lanes; Jody L. Lowther, 51, 3047 Orchard Road, Weirton, plates expired.

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