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PECOSA (Punjab Engineering College Old Students Association) Chandigarh Executive Committee elections for the 2022-2024 term have finally been announced after the appointment of Er Sarvjeet Singh Virk as Returning Officer and a detailed process for it has been announced. since been deployed. “It is a matter of satisfaction for the almost 16000 alumni registered on the official portal of the institute, (the Punjab Engineering College – Considered a university)) that in its 100th year of growth, as of this election , a provision for Electronic voting alongside physical voting is finally being implemented through the very positive and progressive involvement of the senior management of the institute,” says Tejinder Singh Bedi – PEC Alum of 1973 and one of the most strong supporters of E Connectivity & E-Voting.

Rough estimates from various alumni indicate that the actual number of alumni spread across the world may be as high as 25,000, of which nearly 9,000 may still remain off limits for reasons of inability to reach them until here.

Bedi adds, “The demand for the introduction of electronic voting, let us recall here, has dragged on for more than 5 years to ensure the participation of all its cream of 16,000 alumni spread around the world in very high positions against just one handful – in fact only a few hundred alums who could visit the institute at each election being the only polling station for the same on the entire globe!”

Along with Bedi, other biggest supporters include Yogesh Jain, Durga Dutt Rajdev, KK Khanna, Singhs – Babbar Jasbir, Inderjeet & Tarsem – who in the same batch got the maximum majority of members in the last EC tried their best to force this currency. “However, with the last elected body of PECOSA embroiled in an internal court case, the body could neither hold new elections on its own nor partner with the institute while securing its official database of all its registrants for development is a surefire model for introducing e-voting as an additional option,” says Bedi.

In the midst of the pandemic since 2020, when most of the business had gradually shifted to a digitized mode of operation, the process of upgrading to this option remained unanswered despite many strong technical volunteers like Swaran Kalra, VKSWhney and Narinder Nijhawan offering all the support.

Yogesh Jain, who after Amarjit Singh Kohli, was the first active member to inject energy into the will to try to collect most of the elders. He says, “To connect PEC alumni globally, it was essential that electronic voting be added as an additional mode of voting and that PECOSA data be shared on the portal. Despite the reservations of the current PECOSA committee on both questions, e-voting is used and the data is shared on the PECOSA website We aim to expand this database to add the designation, expertise and strengths of alumni to help each other and make of PECOSA a truly global association.

Jasbir Singh Babbar and Durga Dutt Rajdev who are in the US for a reunion with their children after the removal of COVID restraints are happy with the new option for now like most other alumni based in Australia, Singapore, Thailand , Bangkok, UK and Ireland. & Canada, they will not have to travel to India to vote. It can be added here that out of the 16,000 databases of the institute, more than 5,000 had been organized by Amarjit Singh Kohli as early as the end of the 1990s.


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