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Nan movie brought Catherine Tate’s Nan to the big screen, but now you can watch her return from the comfort of your own home.

The film sees Nan go on a wild road trip from London to Ireland with her grandson Jamie (Mathew Horne) in order to make amends with her sister Nell (Katherine Parkinson). Naturally, things don’t go well.

As Nan encounters militant vegan arsonists, rowdy rugby teams and an all-night rave, the film also delves into her past to reveal what made her the Nan we know today.

If you missed it at the cinema, Nan movie is now available to rent for £15.99 from Prime Video, iTunes, Microsoft Store and other participating digital retailers. You have 30 days to start watching and 48 hours to watch the movie once started.

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Watch Nan on Prime Video

You can also pre-order now Nan movie on DVD and Blu-ray if you fancy owning a physical copy of Nan’s big-screen debut. A release date has yet to be confirmed by Warner Bros.

It’s fair to say that the movie wasn’t well received by critics when it was released in March, as one critic called it a “brutally unfunny outing.”

Nan movie [BD] [Blu-ray] [Region Free]

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At least now it’s out at home, you can make up your own mind about Nan movie and whether it was worth giving Catherine Tate’s Nan a big-screen adventure.

One person who was meant to do more was the former Big brother winner Pete Bennett whose most significant role was cut from the film, but Tate “very apologised” in an email about it.

Nan movie is available to rent now in the UK from Prime Video, iTunes, Microsoft Store and other digital retailers.

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