My week with Celia Holman Lee: Meeting film star Olivia in Limerick is a memory I will cherish…


LIKE so many others, I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of the beautiful and talented Olivia Newton-John.
I’ve been a huge fan of her since the 70s thanks to her outstanding performance in Grease with John Travolta. She was ahead of her time in terms of style, and who can forget that Grease outfit that became a cultural phenomenon.

It was an honor for me to meet her at the Museum of Style Icons at Newbridge Silverware where I had the opportunity to talk about this leather jacket and these skinny jeans. She told me that the skinny lycras were about three sizes too big for her and they had to sew her on.

My memory of her is that she was a nice person, talked to everyone and made time for everyone. I didn’t think I would meet one of my icons. May she rest in peace.

irish heat wave
I walked around Limerick city last week during the heatwave and enjoyed the walk around the River Shannon. It was wonderful to see so many people sitting along the promenade and enjoying the beautiful sunshine dancing over the River Shannon – it was truly spectacular.

Enjoyed a lovely stroll in the glorious sunshine around the beautiful Hunt Museum with Jill Cousins, Director and CEO of the Hunt Museum

On another note, Ger and I went to lunch at the restaurant on the grounds of the Hunt Museum. Lots of people were also taking advantage of the beautiful gardens and taking in the wonderful views of the River Shannon.

It was great to meet Jill Cousins, Director and CEO of the Hunt Museum. She talked about different things going on and they just opened a nice pottery area. Always worth the detour!

Chat next week!



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