Movie Like Million Dollar Heist Happens in Lansing Area


When I first heard about this theft, I immediately thought of all the Hollywood movies I’ve watched in my life. A man driving a van full of cash is robbed and police believe he may be involved.

It all happened in the Lansing area last February 15 and was reported by Grand Rapids Press. From court documents, the Grand Rapids Press article stated:

the driver told police he was driving in the Okemos Road area at the Red Cedar River when he saw an SUV following with the driver repeatedly flashing the headlights and sounding the horn. The courier pulled over, telling police he thought he may have had an accident with the SUV

Alright, let me see if I understood correctly. You are driving in what is described as an Empyreal Logistics “pay in transit” van with over a million dollars in cash in the back. Someone honks and flashes their headlights and you think it’s a good idea to stop. Have I understood correctly so far?

So according to the article, the driver:

got out of the van to look for damage and started talking to the driver of the SUV. When he climbed back into the driver’s seat, another man was in the passenger seat holding an AR-15-like rifle. The courier told police he was ordered into a church parking lot, where he then opened a safe in the back. Two men, both wearing face masks and hoodies, then made off with cash totaling more than $1 million

You didn’t see it coming, did you?

I wonder why the police were a little suspicious.

After watching video from inside the van, they saw “atypical behavior from the driver and thieves” as “the thief in the passenger seat left his gun on the seat to go watch the courier open the trunk- strong”. Also, the rifle had no magazine. Dr. Watkins, I think there’s something going on here.

The FBI was able to identify one of the drivers of the SUV when they found it abandoned in the Grand Rapids area. They then discovered that the driver’s brother had “social media connections” to the driver of the cash-filled van.

The genius of these thieves did not stop there. The owner of the SUV used in the theft was showing friends “stacks of cash” a week after the theft.

I wouldn’t call these three men thieves, I would probably call them the three sidekicks.

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