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It was only a matter of time before Notre Dame joined the board with the 2024 recruiting. They added an important building block during defensive tackle Brandon Davis Swain‍ promised to the Irish on the day of the Blue-Gold match 2022.

A player who recently shone at the Ohio Under Armor Camp, BDS shows the kind of traits on film that make him an outstanding prospect.

Height: 6’4″

Mass: 246

Projected position: Defensive tackle

DSI class: 91 (4 stars)

National average score: 90.3 (4 stars)

What it does best:

Davis has the kind of jolt that every defensive line coach wants to see from his 3-man technique. He can get up the field quickly with a really good first step.

He shows explosive potential with his sideways movement. He’s going to be a one-spread penetrator who can make a lot of plays in the backfield.

This lateral quickness can help him become an elite passer from within. He makes this guard look stupid by trying to put him through his paces. Davis-Swain is on the outside working so fast here and the blocker has no time to recover.

Very few pass rushers can become great if they don’t have a drive. There are no worries in that department for Davis-Swain. He ticks that box.

What it needs to improve:

Sometimes he can get stuck working the full man and find himself in a bind at the point of attack. He’s not giving up the game, but he needs to be a bit more consistent if he’s not working on a gap.

He needs to work on that lean when he finishes as a setter after winning with his initial move. If he does, much of the pressure he generates can turn into bags more often.

What is its ceiling?

Davis-Swain has the potential to be a highly productive inside pass thrower who can wreak havoc on tilts and stunts. He needs to get much bigger and stronger before he gets to Notre Dame, but he has plenty of time to do so.

If he continues to hone his game and maintain the same level of quickness that the weight is put on then he has the potential to be someone who makes a ton of plays as a top starter who is also part of the 3rd down pass the rush staff.

Who could it be:

One day Sheldon bigger

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