Marcus Freeman enters his most important period at Notre-Dame


We have not yet reached the first anniversary of Marcus Freeman to be hired at Notre Dame, but it was quite a whirlwind. As savage as his tenure is, Freeman is entering his most important period to date.

Freeman was originally hired to be Notre Dame’s defensive coordinator, and from a recruiting and training standpoint, he did an outstanding job. He was hired as Notre Dame’s next head coach in early December and has already completed his first day of signing and a major bowl game.

There have been ups and downs along the way, but Freeman is entering a period where he has to beat a thousand.

Freeman has four coaching vacancies he needs to fill, and making solid recruitments is an absolute must for the first-year head coach, making it an incredibly important and most important time he’s been in. faced so far.

As we learned with Brian kelly for over ten years good staff can be fired by one or two coaches in key positions, and Freeman fills some very key positions.

The first-year head coach needs to make sure he surrounds himself with great teachers, great coaches and strong recruiters. It is crucial to hire coaches with a proven track record in each of these things.


Notre Dame’s online play has been predominantly erratic over the previous four seasons, which are the four years Jeff quinn coached the post. Quinn is a good man who has always been incredibly kind and courteous in our few face-to-face encounters, but he just didn’t get the job done.

Quinn won’t be back next season and Freeman has to replace him with a stallion. All my sources indicate that Freeman and Notre Dame are working hard to bring back Harry hiestand. It would definitely be the kind of home run a first year coach should do.

Hiestand is one of the most respected coaches in the business and he did a tremendous job at Notre Dame in his first stint (2012-17). Notre Dame won the Joe Moore Award as the nation’s best offensive line in 2017, the 2015 unit was arguably the best in the country and in its six seasons Hiestand produced four NFL first-round picks. (three were Top 10 picks), a second round pick and a third round pick.

Hiestand also signed and coached for at least a season two other second-round picks (Liam Eichenberg, Aaron Banks) and a third round pick (Robert hainsey). Three other Hiestand rookies and players from Notre Dame are in the NFL, and all three have secured starts.

If Freeman managed to do that, it would be a great start to building an elite squad. This would also give the young coordinator Tommy rees a formidable resource to build the offensive around.


Notre Dame will also be looking to fill a specialist attacking position, and somehow they’ll need a new wide receivers coach. There are two options here, and that is due to the presence of Lance Taylor. Currently a running backs coach for Notre Dame, Taylor coached the wide receiver in the NFL and also played the position.

If the best option was a running backs coach, Freeman and Rees could just move Taylor to the outside, a move I was told is more than open, and insert the new running back coach.

If the best candidate was a wide receivers coach it would obviously be a smooth transition.

Notre Dame needs another dynamic scout in their attacking staff so this is a must for the new coach. The broad Irish weren’t well trained enough either, and that has been true for years. Young players have been slow to develop over the past five seasons, the Irish spreaders were often poor to come out of the scrimmage line, the overall course was average and many of the position’s finer points were too short. players.

That must change if Notre Dame is to have an elite attack.


I’m very, very curious to see if the Fiesta Bowl is going to have an impact on what Freeman does as a defensive coordinator. I’m not so curious as to whether or not he’s going to promote from the inside or go to the outside depending on how the game went, but is he willing to completely give up control of the defense ?

Freeman noted throughout the bowl preparations that he wasn’t as involved in planning the game and instructing the daily practice. He was focused on the whole team, something he might be less willing to do after the Fiesta Bowl.

Hiring of Hiestand and another strong and experienced attacking coach, as well as a veteran like John mcnulty and talented young coaches like Rees and Taylor could persuade Freeman to spend more time on defense, at least for a season or two before putting things back completely.

I imagine that the exact person he hires to supplement the staff will have an impact on his willingness to do so. If Freeman were to bring in a veteran defensive coordinator, especially if that was something he has worked with in the past, Freeman will likely be more comfortable relinquishing full control of the defense.

If he hired a younger coach with less experience, he might want to spend more time on defense to help set up the principles – philosophically, schematically, pedagogically – that he believes are essential to success. in defense.

It would be great if Freeman hired a defensive coordinator who is also a great recruiter, but honestly, this is the one job that doesn’t concern me as much for two reasons. First, if a coordinator puts a good product in the field, it sells to a point. Second, this coordinator will have Freeman as a dynamic recruiter on whom he can rely.


I’m curious to see how Freeman handles the hiring of a special teams coach. My personal opinion is that hiring a special teams coach who can also legitimately lead a position is the ideal scenario. It would also give Freeman some flexibility to hire a defensive coordinator who could move around during practice and position sessions.

Beyond that, it’s essential to find a coach who can develop more impactful special teams and be a solid recruiter.

Freeman needs to hit hard with these hires. Notre Dame needs a dynamic staff capable of supervising and recruiting. He must avoid the anchors Kelly had in his staffs, whether as coaches or recruiters (and sometimes both).

There are other aspects of the program that will require good hiring, especially in the back office, but the number one priority is field staff.

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