Lindsay Lohan joins the cast of Netflix’s ‘Irish Wish’


It’s been what seems like forever since we saw Lindsay Lohan into something new. We know we have a Christmas movie coming up, but we were wondering what’s next since she has a two-movie deal with the streamer.

And now that question has been answered.

The star has signed on to star in Irish Wish, as part of his two-picture partnership with the streamer. She will reconnect with Janeen Damienwith whom she worked on Fall for Christmas.

Side note, we can’t wait Fall for Christmas.

But back to that. As the star of Irish wish she will play Maddie. Maddie’s love of life gets engaged to her best friend, and while most of us would be done with everything, Maddie isn’t that best friend. She puts her feelings aside (as all best friends should) and heads for marriage in Ireland. While in Ireland, and very close to marriage, Maddie makes a vow of true love, only to wake up as the bride-to-be, realizing that the love of her life really isn’t her soulmate at all.

Personally, this sounds like the romantic comedy of our dreams, but then again, we always love one that teaches us a lesson and reminds us that something just isn’t meant to be (even if we think they are). are).

We are here for the return of Lindsay Lohan to as many movies as possible.

Count on us! Sounds perfect and we’ll definitely be waiting for more info on the movie. But for now, we’ll just focus on Fall for Christmas, which begins to broadcast on netflixNovember 10.

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