Lindsay Lohan Drops ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ From Netflix Movie


Lindsay Lohan continues to make her comeback in Hollywood, and the next step is an upcoming Christmas movie for Netflix. Just today, the actress released her version of Jingle Bell rips of the new film, which is called Fall for Christmas.

Lindsay Lohan’s new single comes from Netflix Music and features rapper Ali Tomineek. Netflix has also released the official lyric video for the song. For some fans, this new Lindsay Lohan song will stir up nostalgia. That’s because the singer performed the song in her now-iconic movie, Bad girls. The music video for Lindsay Lohan’s version of Jingle Bell rips features scenes from Netflix Fall for Christmas.

by Netflix Fall for Christmas will arrive on the streaming service on November 10. The film stars Lindsay Lohan, Chord Overstreet, George Young, and more. Of course, it’s not the only new holiday movie to be released this year, but Netflix Fall for Christmas has had a major buzz for quite some time now.

You can stream Lindsay Lohan’s version of Jingle Bell rips on all streaming platforms and watch the lyrics video on YouTube.

What has Lindsay done besides the new movie

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Besides Netflix Fall for Christmas, Lindsay Lohan has been very busy. The actress and singer have a film in post-production titled Irish wish, which is slated to hit Netflix next year. She also participated in the 2021 Amazon Prime series titled Raised in love. Besides these projects, she lent her voice for an episode of the devil may care on Syfy in 2021.

On the music side, Lindsay Lohan released a new single in 2020 titled Back to me. It was his first single since 2008. Jingle Bell rips by Netflix Fall for Christmas marks his return to music. People know Lindsay for fun music like this, so we hope it’s not the only music she has in the works.

Are you going to watch Netflix Fall for Christmas November 10? Have you listened to Lindsay Lohan’s version of Jingle Bell rips?


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