Is the John Wick 4 trailer song a spoiler for the movie?


The song playing throughout the new “Chapter 4” trailer is a cinematic remix of Westlife’s “Seasons in the Sun” cover. Even before the 1990s Irish boy band hit it, the track had been on quite the journey itself. It was originally a French song from the 1960s written by Jacques Brel, before being rewritten in English by another artist and finally covered by the famous Canadian singer Terry Jacks in the 70s.

Jacks told Songfacts of the original composition: “It was about an old man who died of a broken heart because his best friend fucked his wife. He wrote this in a [brothel] in Tangier, and the words were quite different.” None of the aforementioned covers convey this overt story of betrayal, though the sense of painfully leaving loved ones behind is ever-present – as it is in the trailer. from “John Wick”.

The way the lyrics are used throughout the trailer could make Donnie Yen’s Caine “the friend”, John as the dying, and his dead wife as the unfaithful lover. Caine is present at the church when John says goodbye to his wife, and it immediately seems the two share a tense history. Perhaps it will be revealed that Caine and John’s wife were secretly intimate. Hollowing out John’s love for his wife – who started this mad cycle of revenge – would not only complicate the narrative in a brutal way, but underline the series’ main themes of needless violence.


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