Irish sports fans have shown English how to behave, according to Leo Varadkar


ONLINE racism against football stars who missed crucial shots on goal in the European Championships final has been condemned by Tánaiste Leo Varadkar.

We also lamented the violence at Wembley but said he believed Ireland’s joint World Cup bid with England would ultimately not be affected.

And he denounced the boos of the national anthems of opposing teams by English fans – claiming that Irish fans showed them the way by respecting God Save The Queen at Croke Park in 2007.

Mr Varadkar, former Sports Minister, said: “Obviously I saw the game last night, and I think the best team won – so my sincere congratulations to Italy on their victory.

“I have to say I really feel for three guys who missed the penalties [Jadon Sancho, Bukayo Saka and Marcus Rashford]. For Gareth Southgate to experience this twice in his career, thus losing on penalties, it has to be really tough for him and the three who missed.

“But I would certainly say to anyone who engages in any form of abuse online, that this is truly unacceptable.

“I will definitely say to tech companies in Ireland that they have a responsibility not to promote and remove anything that is racist in nature.”

“I haven’t contacted them yet about this, but it’s the kind of message I would be happy to make public here,” he told a press conference.

Mr Varadkar added: “I think the England team are a tribute to their nation, but unfortunately some of their supporters are not – and we have seen the violence and bad behavior at Wembley.

“We also saw something really unfortunate in the sport, with some people booing the national anthem for something else. [Fratelli d’Italia], and it shouldn’t be done.

“I was there the day God Save The Queen was sung for the first time at Croke Park during a rugby match, and the respectful response from the Irish crowd was exactly how I think the fans should be. include.

“I think it’s very disappointing that a number of English fans behaved the way they did. It’s a minority and I don’t think we should ever try to tar an entire nation or a whole set of fans or supporters, based on the behavior of what I think is a minority.

Ireland remain 100% committed to the joint World Cup bid with England, he said, adding: “I am very keen for Ireland to be a part of it.”


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