Irish-language psychological thriller Doineann has an intriguing setup


Set on a remote island off the northwest coast of Ireland, Doineann (15A) stars Peter Coonan as Tomás, an investigative journalist who travels to the mainland to interview a source, for return to find his wife Siobhán and their infant son Oisín missing.

Local Garda detective Labhaoise (Bríd Brennan) is baffled at first, but soon her suspicions are aroused by the odd behavior of the island’s smuggler and resident eccentric, Macdara (Seán TÓ Meallaigh).

Written by Aislinn Clarke and directed by Damian McCann, this Irish-language psychological thriller has a lot in common with Scandinavian noir, including Bríd Brennan’s terrific performance as an unorthodox detective whose interest in contemporary fashion has died down. around 1978.

Doineann stars Peter Coonan and Brid Brennan

She receives strong support from Peter Coonan, who is suitably overworked as a distraught husband and father, and who is more than a little sinister in telling anyone who will listen that Siobhán is suffering from postpartum depression.

Siobhán’s inexplicable disappearance on a small island makes for an intriguing setup in a wonderfully dark setting, and especially with the title storm just around the corner.

The second half doesn’t quite live up to the promise of the first, however, when Labhaoise’s subtle polls gradually reveal a terrible truth, which, when finally revealed, is nowhere as compelling as the performances deserve.

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