I Want You Back is a neat take on the romantic comedy on Strangers on a Train


I Want You Back (15A) opens with Emma (Jenny Slater) and Peter (Charlie Day) – strangers who work in the same building in Atlanta – who get dumped by their lovers on the same day.

Their pity party (they call themselves “the sisters of sadness”) gradually evolves into a cunning scheme: Emma will insinuate herself into the life of Peter’s ex-girlfriend, Anne (Gina Rodriguez ) and sever his new relationship with Logan (Manny Jacinto), while Peter will join the gym run by Emma’s ex, Noah (Scott Eastwood), and sever his relationship with Ginny (Clark Backo).

With Anne and Noah back in the market, Emma and Peter will rush in to comfort them – at least, the theory goes.

Alas, the course of true love breakups very rarely runs smoothly…

Written by Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker, with Jason Orley directing, I Want You Back is a neat twist on the rom-com on Strangers on a Train (and certainly not “like Dangerous Liaisons, but sexier,” as the book suggests). enthusiastic Peter).

There’s a fatal flaw in their scheme, of course, and one the rom-com connoisseur will likely notice once their scheme hatches, but predictability aside, I Want You Back is a surprisingly charming affair.

Both Jenny Slater and Charlie Day have established reputations as quirky and abrasive comedians, but they work very well here as each character’s social and emotional awkwardness is negated by the other’s lack of grace and tact.

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