Herefordshire village gears up for sci-fi movie


A feature film is shot on a remote farm in Herefordshire.

The independent film project titled Isaac, which is described as an “experiment gone awry”.


The film, which is classified as sci-fi / drama / horror, takes place in the near future and follows the story of husband and wife Nicholas (Johnny Vivash) and Sarah (Kathryn Louise), who lost their first child. because of a genetic mutation.

They find hope in a new scientific trial launched by a company specializing in laboratory meat.

The company uses its genetic technology to create humans.

This will allow Nicholas and Sarah to conceive their own genetically engineered, disease-free child (at least that’s what they are promised).

The film is the brainchild of London filmmaker Tariq Sayed, and filming began in Pembridge in March 2020, just weeks before the lockdown.

Mr. Sayed was loaned the location of the farm by his aunt and filming took about seven days.

The Pembridge community also helped behind the scenes by making sure the film crew had everything they needed.

After a successful filming block Mr Sayed, who, along with childhood friends who funded the £ 6,000 project themselves, decided to make a feature film.

“In the end we found out we had a 45 minute movie that I was reasonably happy with, however seeing what we had put together only inspired more ideas on how to expand it. ‘story, to develop characters and we all decided to push to turn the 45 minutes into a feature film, ”he said.

“I continued to write, to involve more people and finally we were able to shoot the cameras again.

“After capturing much of the film earlier this year, we are now preparing for the final block of filming and are finally approaching the main photography finish line.”

The cast of the film includes Catriona MacColl, who appeared in a trio of Lucio Fulci films in the early 1980s, and Irish actor Bosco Hogan, who will travel from his hometown to appear in the film.

The film crew are still recruiting members for the final filming block in January and would love to have people reach out to us through their website or at

You can visit their website: or Instagram:


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