Here is our dream cast for a “Bioshock” movie


After BioShock was released in 2007, it was heralded by critics and gamers alike for its great story and gameplay. Since then, a film has been rumored to be in development but never seems to get past that stage. With film and television adaptations of popular video games appearing more frequently ⏤ like the next Unexplored and The last of us ⏤ surely it’s time for BioShock adaptation too.

The game’s story revolves around the underwater world of Rapture and the society built there. A man named Jack crashes a plane near the entrance to Rapture, and once he descends into the depths, he encounters a man named Atlas who pits him against Andrew Ryan, the leader of Rapture, so they can both find their way back ⏤ or so it seems.

The strength of BioShock resides in its story, world-building, and characters, so we couldn’t resist viewing the game as a movie and compiling our dream cast. Here’s who we’d pick for the key players in case a film adaptation gets the green light.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Jack

Jake Gyllenhaal has the unique ability to play a leading man who can turn on a dime just about anytime and would therefore be a great fit for Jack. It would bring weight to the moral decisions the character would have to make, and seeing him come to terms with what he discovers at the end of the film would be a delight. The great thing about this cast is that BioShock is a first-person shooter, which means we don’t actually see Jack. Therefore, we’d need a bit of a regular man in the role, and based on the psychological thrillers Gyllenhaal is known for, he’d do just fine in that capacity.

Jon Hamm as Andrew Ryan

Dapper idealist Andrew Ryan was modeled after Vincent Price and based on the likes of Howard Hughes and Walt Disney. Call it typed, but Jon Hamm would be perfect for the role. Famous for portraying Don Draper in Mad Men, Hamm is good at playing charming men you love to hate and hate to love. Not to mention his character on Mad Men was known for delivering compelling monologues, which Andrew Ryan is expected to do throughout the film.

Tom Hardy as Atlas/Frank Fontaine

Tom Hardy would be brilliant in Atlas and even better in Frank Fontaine. As the Irish voice of Atlas, Hardy should be charming and compelling, but once he turns out to be Fontaine he should be smarmy, something the Venom and Legend the actor might just be doing just fine. Plus, Hardy rarely plays the man you outright hate. / Even when he’s the villain of a story, he remains somewhat likable, which Atlas / Frank Fontaine would need to have.

Cillian Murphy as Sander Cohen


Sander Cohen, a renowned artist in the world of Rapture, could also be ranked as the craziest person there. Cillian Murphy would be brilliant as the flamboyant Cohen, who murders people and puts them in plaster like a morbid version of a sculpture. Murphy bears some resemblance to the video game character and his performance in batman begins enough to prove that he could play a pure psychopath. He might be a little young for the role, but we’re sure he could still pull it off.

Tilda Swinton as Brigid Tenenbaum

tilda swinton

German-accented geneticist Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum would be best played by Tilda Swinton. The actress, known for her range and the depth of her characters, would be perfect as a morally ambiguous doctor, especially in her most menacing moments. Her moral in the game is simple: she just wants to protect the little sisters. But the audience shouldn’t know that, or if she’s hostile to Jack, because she doesn’t know what Jack is doing to the little sisters. This cold attitude would inevitably be masterfully executed by the actress, who played the White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and showed her true emotional range in the shocking and disturbing We need to talk about Kevin.

BD Wong as Yi Suchong

This one is definitely typecast, but for the past 20 years, whenever BD Wong appears on screen, he’s usually played a bad doctor. It would be perfect for Dr. Yi Suchong, the creator of some of the plasmids that are the cornerstone of Rapture. His roles in jurassic park as Dr. Henry Wu and as Dr. Hugo Strange in the TV series Gotham are certainly compelling enough that he could easily play the part of a mad scientist.

David Dastmalchian as J.S. Steinman

Dr. JS Steinman, the crazy plastic surgeon who wants to make everyone look good, would be better played by David Dastmalchian. Dastmalchian, who played Polka Dot Man in The Suicide Squad, would be able to capture the sheer madness of the character. It’s a perfect role for him, because it wouldn’t be big but certainly memorable, and after his great performances in The black Knight and The ant Manwe know he would be able to play this role with aplomb.

Dave Bautista as Big Daddy

David Bautista

Chances are that franchise icon Big Daddy will be played by multiple people ⏤ after all, they’re just men in spacesuits ⏤ but if we had to settle for just one, Dave Bautista would be a solid choice. Accustomed to playing the big man in film, Bautista has starred as Drax in several Marvel films and Glossu Rabban Harkonnen in Dunes. He also played Hinx in Spectrum, whose physique might be the most suited to that of the Big Daddy. You can definitely imagine Bautista in a wetsuit slamming Jake Gyllenhaal around Rapture, which is why he’s a shoe for the role.

Bioshock is an exciting franchise and would definitely require the A-List talent mentioned on this list if the filmmakers were to adapt it for the big screen. We can only hope that it will earn its place alongside other popular video game adaptations in the very near future.


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