Heist movie Ambulance is a hard-hitting, powerful and absorbing thriller

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The setup is pretty straightforward, as estranged brothers Will (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and Danny (Jake Gyllenhaal) plan to set up a federal bank for $32 million, Will because he needs the money for surgery. experimental his wife demands, and Danny because $32 million is way more millions than he can currently call his own.

When the heist (spoiler alert!) goes awry, things get a bit off-kilter: Desperate Danny and Will hijack an ambulance and take two more hostages, ruthlessly efficient paramedics Cam Thompson (Eiza González) and Zach (Jackson White) , a fatally wounded LAPD officer. But with all the police cars and helicopters in the greater Los Angeles area hot on their trail, how can Danny and Will hope to escape?

Adapted from a 2005 Danish thriller, Ambulance packs quite a punch: Not content with a long concept, long film chase sequence, Michael Bay also weaves in a number of firefights and films it all in a disorienting style that the camera dives into and bobs up and down to the characters from all sorts of dizzying angles, the better to persuade us we’re on board the out-of-control roller coaster that seems to be Danny’s modus operandi.

Indeed, Jake Gyllenhaal seems to have taken his acting cues from cinematography, given that his portrayal of the mercurial (and possibly psychotic) bank robber makes Danny the proverbial interesting bunch of guys.

Fortunately, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Eiza González are firmly grounded on solid ground with their performances and give the film its heart and moral compass, González in particular combining a tough swagger with a rather touching devotion to his patients.

At 130 minutes it’s much longer than necessary (the original Ambulancen clocked just 80 minutes), but for the most part Ambulance is a hard-hitting, powerful and absorbing thriller.

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