Hammerlake Film Studios, Westmeath, to begin construction


Hammerlake Studios, which will produce films and shows, will generate €50m a year in the Mullingar area, it will also create 1,000 jobs, with 300 construction staff to be employed during construction.

Westmeath County Council has granted planning permission for the new Hammerlake Studios project in Mullingar, which is being hailed as “transformative” for the area, if it receives full planning approval.

The development application reached a major milestone with Westmeath County Council confirming approval “in principle” on July 12. The decision will now go to elected officials to be finalized by a vote in September.

Local media, including Midlands103, specify that construction could then begin in October 2022.

The gigantic studio campus is set to be built in two phases at Lough Sheever Corporate Park on the outskirts of Mullingar town. The first phase of the project will include four sound stages, as well as offices, workshops and editing suites in a development of more than 236,000 square feet. The second phase will include seven additional stages, bringing the total studio footprint to 460,000 square feet.

Once fully operational, the film campus could generate up to 50 million euros per year for the local economy, the company estimated. The first phase of the business is expected to open in 2024.

Due to the size of the project, the fate of the first phase rests with the elected members of the local authority, after the local planning authorities found that the construction of Hammerlake would be a material breach of the county’s development plan. Agreeing that such a ticket would require the approval of three quarters of the public representatives in a vote due to take place in September.

When complete, Hammerlake Studios will produce films and shows for the global market and help create over 1,000 jobs, with 300 construction workers to be employed during the construction phase.

The consortium behind the investment includes Irish and British film industry experts, who have worked at Universal Pictures, Disney and Troy Studios.


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