Getting to know 2025 defensive lineman Tyler Parker


Don’t look now but Notre Dame has quietly offered 12 members of the recruiting class of 2025. Head Coach Mark Free man and the staff pushed relentlessly to a whole new level, completely changing the way they identify potential adjustments.

That extended to the growing list of sophomore class offers, which grew Thursday when the high school defensive lineman from Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif. Tyler parker was offered by the staff. Twitter recently made a huge intro to Parker, showcasing the 14-year-old’s training regimen and movement skills.

It looks like deals have started to follow this social media explosion.

When you dive deeper into Parker’s background, while the offer certainly has some projection, the fit seems to make a lot of sense. He’s a talented athlete who just plays to his strengths.

The 6-foot-0, 295-pound defensive lineman saw very little college action as a rookie, picking up one tackle. However, based on some of the practice videos from this offseason, expect that to change very quickly.

For context, Santa Margarita is an exceptional program that plays programs such as St. John Bosco, Mater Dei and Servite. Very rarely do players excel against this type of competition as high school freshmen. A second escape, however, is expected.

Parker is also a very academic kid, who takes the education layer of recruiting very seriously. According to his Twitter profile, he currently boasts a GPA of 3.36, while also being a dual-sport participant for the program as a wrestler.

Parker’s list of offers begins to grow. Apart from Notre Dame’s offer, Miami and Arizona also offered the rising sophomore among a few others.


Possessing natural leverage at 6-0 and 295 pounds, Parker does a good job playing with a good level of pad. He has active hands to quickly engage, stack and clear blockers at the point of attack.

Linearly, he is a very explosive player. Parker has taken a good first step to shooting football and making a variety of plays from behind the line of scrimmage. He’s a powerful athlete who combines that short area explosiveness to become a tough player to counter early in the reps. The California native is an ideal gaping nose tackle who can create a ton of backfield penetration. Parker is a solid all-around athlete who also has an impressive drive to make a range of pursuit plays.

As you would expect for a player who has just completed his first year, Parker is young and will need to continue to develop physically and technically. His hand placement can be a bit haphazard and needs to play a bit more violently at the point of attack. Parker is also getting a little too much as a tackler right now. He needs to do a better job of balancing and hitting.

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All the talent is there, but obviously development is needed moving forward – which is to be expected.

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