Future Domers see future Notre Dame win Clemson


Unsurprisingly, Irish fans were excited by Notre Dame’s dominating 35-14 win over #4 Clemson on Saturday night, but the Irish’ rookies signed up were as excited as anyone.

“I had an amazing time”, close engagement of 2023 Cooper Flanagansaid. “What a game. They really did a ton for the rookies this weekend.

Flangan and his entire family took a red-eye flight from California to Chicago and arrived in South Bend on Saturday morning.

After watching warm-ups and having lunch, Notre Dame recruiting director Chad Bowden led the Flanagans inside before heading to the Player Walk.

Rick Kimball/ISD

It was a busy travel weekend for Flanagan, but well worth it.

“We were able to participate in the campus walk with the team, which is probably a highlight,” Flanagan said.

The game was certainly another highlight for Flanagan and the other visiting rookies.

“The game was unreal, with the (Michael) Mayer TD at the end to seal it,” he said.

Linebacker Commitment Preston Zinter‍ (photo above) okay.

“The game was unreal and the atmosphere was unlike anything I had experienced before!” said Zinter.

“I think that says a lot about the future, it proves that ND can complement anyone in the country and that we are on the way to the top!”

Matt Freeman

Christian Gray may still be smiling after this weekend.

Cornerback Commitment Christian Gray‍ also thinks the win over the Tigers was a sign of things to come.

“I thought the game was a great game and we prepared for this game,” he said. “I say this is just the beginning, onto the next one.”

Safety Commitment Adon Shuler‍ was also impressed.

“The team played very well and it was a great atmosphere for the program to use for the rest of the season,” he said.

Flanagan said walking into the locker room with the team after the game was the most memorable part of the trip.

“They brought all the 2023 rookies back with the team to celebrate with them, super special,” he said. “Hopefully they keep the momentum going throughout the season.”

Offensive Line Promise Sam Pendleton‍ can’t imagine any commits that might have hesitated before not being all-in afterwards.

“I don’t know anyone who was, but I’m sure if somebody was and if they were at that game, I don’t know what else you need,” he said. declared.

Gray also thinks it was a great showcase for rookies and commitments.

“These other recruits know this real,” he said. “It’s their choice if they want to choose the real over the fake.”

Matt Freeman

The Irish feel good with Peyton Bowen after this weekend.

Few current Notre Dame engagements are getting as much attention from Irish fans right now as five-star security. Peyton Bowen‍.

We spoke with a source close to the situation after Bowen’s trip last weekend and it’s clear the Irish feel as confident as ever to cling on to the safety of Texas.

“Awesome,” is how one source described it.


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