Friday Night Sports Hero: Jack Heiss


NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – This week’s Friday Night Sports Hero features Saint Pat’s High School basketball player Jack Heiss. Jack got involved in basketball at a young age playing with his older brother who inspired him to become the player he is today.

Jack transformed into a very successful basketball player in high school, but it wasn’t always easy. Entering high school as a very enthusiastic freshman, excited to potentially get playing time on the varsity team, Jack suffered broken feet that kicked him out for the season. Although it was disappointing, Jack used this as motivation to work harder and come back stronger in his second year.

“So in first year I injured my foot, I had broken feet, so I didn’t play much in first year. By the time I came back, we had already finished the season. And then I started the second year and we were pretty good that year and it just kind of took off from there,” says Heiss.

The Irishman’s head coach William O’Malley describes Jack as an enthusiastic, focused and hard-working player, but he says these are not the only admirable traits he possesses. O’Malley also describes Jack’s leadership skills and how he uses them to help guide the young players on the team.

“His leadership has been tremendous. I think he’s constantly reminding guys to stay on track, stay focused and have high intensity and all those things that are needed to put on a successful season,” says O’Malley.

Coach O’Malley also believes Jack will leave a lasting impression on this program.

“I think the most lasting thing is probably the fact that he brought energy, focus and enthusiasm to training every day. And I think if you look at that and say that you know that felt like a long way to success for him and I think that really resonates with the younger guys,” O’Malley says.

As Jack wraps up his senior season with a trip to the upcoming state tournament, he doesn’t let his intensity fade. Jack continues to show up to train every day with the drive and motivation to keep improving in hopes of bringing a state title back to Saint Pat’s.

“I mean, we just try to come in and get better every day, every time we train and never take any days off,” Heiss says.

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