Fiesta Bowl recruiting comparison: Notre Dame vs Oklahoma State


If recruiting rankings determine a team’s success, Notre Dame should absolutely destroy the state of Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.

Notre Dame leads the Cowboys in recruiting rankings. Of course, Oklahoma State didn’t win the Big 12 title in the regular season because of recruiting rankings, he won because he’s talented.

This is why I find the evaluation of teams in recruiting rankings so fascinating, and in this particular aspect of the Fiesta Bowl game, it is indeed a discrepancy.

Notre Dame has gone 11-1 this season and Oklahoma State has gone 11-2.

Notre Dame heads into this game with one five-star player and 11 four-star players in their starting lineup, and eight other four-star players in the rotation.

Oklahoma State only has a four-star rookie in the starting lineup and none in the rotation.

Let’s dive deeper into the individual clashes, starting with the clash of Notre Dame’s offensive against the defense of the state of Oklahoma.

The state of Oklahoma embodies the idea that recruiting rankings are not indicative of success. The Cowboys defense finished the season 2nd in defensive efficiency (FEI) and led the nation in sacks (54) and tackles for losses (113). He also placed 3rd in total defense, 5th in running defense, 7th in scoring defense and 12th in pass defense.

All this without a single four-star rookie in the starting XI or in the rotation. Freshman All-American Olivier Olivier accumulated 10.5 bags over the season; he ranked 400th among domestic players in the 2021 category and he was a three-star rookie.

linebacker Malcolm rodriguez has won All-American honors this season from ESPN, Associated Press, Football Writers Association of America, USA TODAY Sports and CBS Sports. He ranked 1529th among national players in the country upon graduation from high school.

Notre Dame’s starting line-up in attack has a former five-star recruit (Michel mayer, tight end) and seven four-star rookies in the starting lineup. He also has four four-star recruits as part of the rotation. Notre Dame has four former Top 100 recruits in its starting lineup and rotation.

Let’s take a look at the clash between the defense of Notre Dame and the Oklahoma state offensive.

Oklahoma State Defense Recruitment

Oklahoma State has a former four-star rookie in their lineup, and he’s the quarterback Spencer sanders, who was ranked 171st in the nation after graduating from high school.

The Cowboys have struggled much of the season on offense, so his recruiting rankings line up a bit with that. There are a few talented broads on the list, including four real freshmen (Jaden bray, Blaine Green, Bryson Green, Jean-Paul Richardson) and a freshman in a red shirt (Rashod owens).

Notre Dame plans to have four former four-star recruits in its starting lineup, but several more are coming off the bench. The Irish front is filled with a number of former four-star recruits. Entries Isaiah Foskey and Jayson ademilola were four-star recruits, just like any backups listed Jordan Botelho and Rylie mills. The Irish will also play Jacob lacey, another former four-star rookie who ranked 172nd among the nation’s players.


Here are the class rankings for the two programs from the past five seasons. (247Sport composite)


2021 – 9
2020 – 18
2019 – 15
2018 – 10
2017 – 10


2021 – 31
2020 – 40
2019 – 38
2018 – 34
2017 – 38

Advantage: Our Lady

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