Fair City’s Adam Weafer persuaded actor friends to help him make a movie during lockdown


FAIR City star Adam Weafer has revealed that he persuaded several of his fellow actors during one of the blockages to help him get his first movie off the ground.

dam, who plays Professor Cian Howley in the hit soap opera, is now hoping to secure funding to bring his project to the big screen.

“Personally, I suffer from a little anxiety and all that, so I can’t stand still,” he explains.

“In fact, my sister just made me start writing.

“So I started writing a feature film and I did it and I get funding for it and I’m going to make a movie.

“For me, what everyone was going through and the pain and angst of the lockdown and what everyone was suffering from being away from their family and not knowing what was going on around the corner.

“I think the best way to deal with it was to stay really busy. It wasn’t so much about writing a movie to make it run. I think I just enjoyed the process where the hours can just go by and you say to yourself “Jesus, I had a very productive day there”.

“I’m not sure it could have been crap, I could have written complete garbage today, but it was productive.”


Adam Weafet plays Cian in Fair City

Adam Weafet plays Cian in Fair City

“So that’s something I’ve definitely learned is to stay mentally healthy. I love to run and I started running around Dun Laoghaire a lot and swimming with my friends and writing and to stay healthy It’s just horrible for everyone, in all walks of life.

The film is called Forever Young.

“I have a big family in Ringsend and he’s a young musician growing up in Ringsend and with his family, and all the hardships and his brother coming out of jail, and all that stuff.

“So I did a short movie with Peter Coonan (‘Fran The Man’ from Love / Hate) and Denise McCormack (Bridget Kiely in Red Rock) and people like that, and Maria, who is Dearbhla (in Fair City ), she plays a character in it.

“I only shot the trailer, and then you go to the production crews and everything. The script is there, and the trailer is done.

“It’s a really exciting project. I really enjoy other facets of this directing and writing thing.

Adam (31) grew up in the district of Cabinteely, south of Dublin.

“My whole family is from Ringsend, so I have over 100 weavers in Ringsend alone,” he notes.

“We haven’t quite understood where the name Weafer comes from.

“There’s a Thomas Weafer, there’s a plaque on O’Connell Street, and he was with Michael Collins. They spelled it with a ‘v’ and it kills us, because we spell it with an ‘f’. “

Fair City viewers recently saw a shocked Dearbhla Molloy discovering that it was her boyfriend Cian who posted pictures online of the vegan cafe owner wearing a fur coat.

“I think he’s definitely calculating; I think he’s definitely sneaky, ”he smiles.

“I think he’s got a lot more about him than people seem. And then when you see a gut reaction like that he would sort of do something as vicious as that even though he does everything to try to fix it, but it still shows he has that kind of ego about him.”

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