Every Madea Movie Ranked From Worst To Best


Madea’s second film to be released after the character became a household name, “Family Reunion” was a key part of an early career move that Perry masterfully orchestrated, taking Hollywood by storm with word of mouth success. ear after ear, launched without the benefit of big studio ad campaigns or big stars in starring roles.

This film follows the same original Madea formula of serious plot mixed with humor, which has always given Perry’s films a distinctly un-Hollywood feel that sets them apart.

This time around, Madea has been tasked with becoming the guardian of a rebellious teenager. It doesn’t take long for Madea to get her into shape, while planning a family reunion for her large, dysfunctional clan. The film covers dark subject matter, but has an overarching message of standing up for yourself and your loved ones. Madea teaches the characters in this movie that they have to be strong enough to save themselves, because no one else will do it for them.

While “Reunion” may not be as funny as some of Madea’s other films, its message about empowerment and finding inner strength gives it perhaps the best underlying message of the series. Plus, he has acting support from Cicely Tyson, Blair Underwood, and even civil rights activist/poet Maya Angelou.


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