Every Antonio Banderas Movie Ranked From Worst To Best


The last rotten film on the list is another “Shrek” sequel in which Antonio Banderas reprises his voice role as Puss in Boots. For “Shrek Forever After,” the entire main voice cast returned with many notable names from the sequels, along with a few new additions, including Jon Hamm, Craig Robinson, Kristen Schaal, Lake Bell, Kathy Griffin, Jane Lynch, Ryan Seacrest, and Walt Dohrn as this sequel’s main villain, Rumpelstiltskin.

The story picks up years after “Shrek the Third” with Shrek and Fiona living simple, domesticated lives with their children. Rumpelstiltskin tricks Shrek into signing a contract that magically transports him to a parallel world where his entire species is in danger, where Fiona has no idea who he is, and where Puss in Boots has really let himself go. . Although it held up moderately better to critics than “Shrek the Third,” “Shrek Forever After” still sits miles below the first two “Shrek” films. Reviewer Deborah Ross of The Spectator slammed this sequel, writing “The rot set in with the third movie I think, and now with the fourth it’s broken down and gone into that black sludge you get at the bottom of the trash can.”


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