Eternals actor Barry Keoghan has been arrested in Dublin over a ‘drunk’ law and order incident


On Sunday, actor Barry Keoghan was arrested for violating public order. The incident happened in his hometown of Dublin, where he was born and raised.

Barry Keoghan arrested in public order incident, released

The Irish actor, who recently appeared in films Eternals and The Batman, was accused of being present on a resident’s balcony while intoxicated. He was eventually released without any charges being brought against him.

Barry Keoghan, according to a report on the Independent. that is to say, was arrested on Sunday morning. Someone had contacted the Gardai, the Republic of Ireland Police after they found a person outside their flat window and was intoxicated.

Authorities then arrested the 29-year-old man and took him to Coolock Guard Station. He was “processed” at the station before being released.

Police arrived at the scene and it appeared the man was Barry Keoghan. It was reported that Keoghan was not “threatening”.

According to reports, a relative of Keoghan was residing at the property near the apartment where Keoghan was allegedly found intoxicated.

It was also reported that the case was closed and that there was unlikely to be any further investigation into the incident.

Police confirmed they arrested a man after being contacted by a resident of the apartment, without disclosing the identity of the person. Reps for the Calm With Horses star have yet to release a statement about the alleged incident. Barry Keoghan on the professional front

Barry Keoghan has made headlines for playing Joker in the recently released Batman movie, starring Robert Pattinson. While the identity of the character he played was kept under wraps until release, it was later revealed that he actually played the iconic character. Sharing a deleted scene, he called it an honor to play the role. “So this is the JOKER and BATMAN scene from THE BATMAN. Honestly, I’m at a loss for words but I’m truly BLESSED to be taking on this role after the AMAZING Actors before me. Here is my version, Enjoy,” he tweeted.

Summary of news:

  • Eternals actor Barry Keoghan has been arrested in Dublin over a ‘drunk’ law and order incident
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