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There’s a reason why Ireland’s sense of humor is world famous. It is unparalleled in its ability to turn the mundane and sometimes bleak reality of daily life into an opportunity for self-mockery and banter. Or, failing that, just a hilarious good time. And couldn’t we all do with a healthy dose of that? If there was ever a film that perfectly encapsulated the inimitable warmth of that Irish spirit, it’s wake up Ned (also known as Waking up Ned Devine).

Set in the small but picturesque fictional village of Tulaigh Mhór (Tullymore), the English-language feature debut of British director Kirk Jones (Nanny McPhee, My Fat Greek Wedding 2) begins with the event that promises to change lives forever: the National Lottery. The chance of one of the Tullymore residents winning it is unlikely at best, but that’s exactly what happened. Or so the rumor mill says. And, as in any tight-knit community, attention quickly turns to uncovering the identity of the lucky individual. It’s a task that shouldn’t be too difficult given that there are only 52 possible options, but what’s the best way to bring the winner to light? Over a roast dinner, of course. It is an Irish village.

Michael O’Sullivan (David Kelly) and Jackie O’Shea (Ian Bannen) are the amateur sleuthing duo at the helm of this dinner investigation, meticulously weeding out potential jackpot winners the best way they know how: with good old fashioned gossip and a few pints. First in their sights is the farmer affectionately known as Pig Finn (James Nesbitt) whose recent acquisition of a sports car propelled him to the top of the list, but it turns out he simply tries – unsuccessfully – to impress his longtime love. interest Maggie (Susan Lynch), so Michael and Jackie find themselves back at square one. “I spent ten pounds on Finn and all he wanted was advice on his sick pig,” Jackie laments. We have all been there.

The pair feel like they’ve hit a dead end in their search, until one resident on their list doesn’t show up for their chicken feast and the list of 52 is quickly whittled down to just one. Ned Devine. So, with Ned’s dinner in hand, Jackie rushes off to confirm their suspicions under the guise of worry, only to find that poor Ned is indeed the lottery winner – but he also died in his sleep. “He’s played the lotto all his life and is dying of shock that he won it,” Jackie told Michael. “He survived all those storms only to be swept away by a few plastic lottery balls.”

Almost immediately, Jackie and Michael agree that if Ned couldn’t have the lottery winnings for himself, he would want the village to share in his good fortune. This revelation leaves them with only one logical path: someone will have to impersonate Ned Devine and claim the seven million pound prize on Tullymore’s behalf. Cue all the madness you expect as the whole village learns of the plan, and Jackie and Michael must find a way to keep their increasingly complex charade afloat.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect way to spend St. Patrick’s Day or just need an uplifting evening, the movie and a generous helping of delicious Guinness crème brûlée are a heavenly marriage. It’s the dessert we all know and love, but with an Irish twist, complete with whiskey gingerbread cookies that will melt in your mouth and be lucky to make it onto the plate!

Corn wake up Ned is a comedy through and through, it’s full of incredibly heartwarming moments that bring a serious feel-good factor to this tale. Sending Ned shows an unwavering friendship, but not quite in the way one would expect, and above all, the story is ultimately a celebration of Irish village life with all its crazy charm. We’ll drink to that.

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