Derry Girls star Saoirse-Monica Jackson lands her next movie role


Ancient Derry Girls Star Saoirse-Monica Jackson has landed her next movie role.

The actor is set to star in a new romantic comedy titled Improved. She will be joined by Ted Lasso star Anthony Head, as well as Revengeis Rachel Matthews and Camila Mendes. Also in the cast, Andrew Schulz, Grégory Montel, Thomas Kretschmann, Archie Renaux, Marisa Tomei and Lena Olin.

Jackson will play the character of Amy in the Carlson Young-directed film, a long-suffering art intern who waits for her moment to shine

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The story follows Mendes’ character Ana – who is described as an “aspiring art intern attempting the impossible trying to follow a dream while making ends meet” – and working with Amy.

Claire (Tomei), Ana’s boss, takes her on a last-minute business trip to our side of the pond, but Ana then finds herself meeting a handsome stranger and struggling to maintain her life balance. work under control in London.

Mike Karz and Bill Bindley of Gulfstream, who produce this film, said in a joint statement: “We are thrilled to complement our extraordinary international cast with so many remarkable names, from so many corners of the industry.

camila mendes
Camila Mendes

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“The opportunity to work with such an accomplished cast is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We look forward to celebrating their talent in all its forms through this joyous story,” they added.

No doubt fans will be thrilled to see Jackson back on our screens as earlier this year we said goodbye to his big hit. Derry Girls after three seasons.

The Northern Ireland-based sitcom is set against the backdrop of The Troubles, and according to the show’s creator, Lisa McGee, it was simply about time the show reached its conclusion.

Talk to digital spyshe explained, “Honestly, I’m extremely grateful that I was able to do all three, and to have been able to do the stories that I wanted to, and to have been able to come out the way that I wanted to.”

There is currently no release date for Improved. Derry Girls is available to stream on Netflix.


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