Cooper Flanagan talks Michael Mayer, senior season, Notre Dame recruiting class


Even through a myriad of coaching changes, 2023 Concord (California) De La Salle tight end Cooper Flanagan stayed true to his recruitment at Notre Dame, seeing the big picture for the full scope of what the program can provide. It’s not just about football – which would be enough for some.

No, the Irish program can offer so much more.

“I think education is probably No. 1 for me,” Flanagan explained. “The education at Notre Dame is great. The culture at Notre Dame is great. I think the tight ends that came through Notre Dame, the production that they had, the tight ends in the NFL are also great.

Of course, there is a very good tight end who is currently in the room. It’s very possible that Flanagan and the potential All-American tight end Michael by Mayer paths could never cross as full-time members of the Irish program, but Mayer’s mere presence had a huge impact on the California product.

“Even being around Michael Mayer a bit in training, you can tell he’s the real deal,” Flanagan said. “He’s so intense and he doesn’t do anything halfway. It’s really great to be with him and it’s almost inspiring. I would say there is pressure to follow in his footsteps for sure.

Playing for one of De La Salle’s historic high school programs, Flanagan feels well prepared to step up to the next level. This transition should be a small problem from Concord to South Bend. Flanagan also believes it created an immediate attraction for the Notre Dame program.

“I think that’s another big reason why I love Notre Dame so much,” Flanagan explained. “I feel like De La Salle and Notre Dame are very similar, how close the team is, how much the coaches really care is a huge thing.”

Notre Dame has also had some success at De La Salle recently, including their mainstay on the defensive side of football, defensive end Isaiah foskey. Despite an age gap, Flanagan had a deep admiration for Foskey’s journey from De La Salle’s two-way star to potential first-round pick in 2023.

“I mean Isaiah Foskey was someone I looked up to when I was in eighth grade watching De La Salle football games,” he said. “He’s killing it right now, so that’s pretty cool to see.”

It’s Flanagan’s physical style, big body, lockouts and advantages that have caught the attention of so many programs. For people familiar with the De La Salle program, the physical style should come as no surprise.

“We run the ball probably about 80 percent of the time,” Flanagan explained. “Hopefully we throw the ball more this year. I was the leader in terms of receiving distance last year, but I think I can do better. I look forward to this year. I should be the guy at the front desk, but all we do is block, but that’s fun. Winning is fun. I like hitting people so I can’t complain.

As is the case with all fields, the recruiting class of 2023 has everyone prepared for the future of the Notre Dame program. Flanagan is no different.

“I’m happy, man. We’re going to be really good, hopefully a history lesson at Notre Dame,” he began to explain. “I just can’t wait to meet the boys. I’m leaving on the 17th. I think a lot of them are leaving on the 10th, but I’m still looking forward to it.

Now that Flanagan seems fully committed to his promise with the Irish, his attention now turns to consolidating this potentially historic class. He has his sights set on a talented wide receiver in the West.

“I did my best to try to get Rico (Flores). I think that’s a great thing, especially when I see it,” Flanagan said. “This is the main.”

Notre Dame has made Flores a priority, hoping for a commitment when he announces his intentions on July 3. It could add to the influx of West Coast talent, including Flanagan and the recent running back signing. Jayden Limar. Those prospects got Flanagan pumped for the possibilities.

“That would be pretty cool. I was talking to (Rico) at a camp the other day about Notre Dame,” he said. “I hope we get it, that would be great. It’s pretty cool to see the other west coast kids in the class.

If Flores joins the class, Flanagan and the rest of the players involved are sure to welcome him with open arms. They have created a close bond so far.

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“Whenever someone commits, we always bring them in with open arms,” Flanagan said. “All the kids are really cool. They look great and I can’t wait to meet them.

Right now, Flanagan’s attentions are to make his senior season the perfect end to his De La Salle career. Time passes quickly but he intends to take advantage of every possible moment.

“We finished last week. It’s pretty crazy,” he explained. “I felt like a freshman the other day.”

In terms of pitching for unhired rookies still making their decisions, Flanagan left them with something to think about. The full scope of what Notre Dame stands for is easy to see.

“I think winning a championship, pure and simple, is the goal,” he began. “That’s what we’re looking for.

“A long time with top-notch football, the school, the education you get, the relationships you build, it’s unreal. It’s what makes Notre Dame Notre Dame.

As if that wasn’t a big enough sale, Flanagan continued to express his love for what Notre Dame is building. The Class of 2023 seems like the first step to notoriety.

“No. 1 recruiting class,” he continued. “I think we’re going to win a national championship. That’s it, man. We’re going to be the best class Notre Dame has seen in a while — hopefully never.

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