Conor McGregor is planning a historic comeback


Conor McGregor (22-6) is a name that needs no introduction in the world of competitive fighting, and it looks like the Irish boxer is plotting a memorable comeback rather than retiring from MMA.

Many people thought he would be hanging up his gloves soon, but he recently posted a hyped video of himself on Instagram. With the caption he added, it looks like he is teasing his fans.

“The biggest and greatest sporting comeback in history. Will you witness it?” McGregor wrote in the caption.

McGregor has lost three of his last four fights in MMA, his only success being against Donald Cerrone. However, he is ready to give his career one last boost and become a champion again.

“The world will talk (about) the triple crown again,” McGregor said. “Nobody’s ever gotten three knockouts in three weight classes moving up like I’ve done before. But nobody’s ever gotten three UFC world titles in three divisions like I will too if we do this fight.

“There is history to be made. The game is shaken up again. The Triple Crown was never done,” McGregor later added. “That will never happen in my lifetime. No one will do that in my lifetime.”

If McGregor becomes the three-weight champion, it will certainly be one of the most historic comebacks in the history of the sport.


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