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CLINTON — The Clinton Girls’ Soccer Team opened their season on a clear but chilly evening Tuesday at Coan Field, playing a full 104 minutes of soccer and ending their season opener with a shootout.

The River Queens fell 2-1 after losing the shootout 4-2 to non-conference opponent Anamosa.

“I can’t beat the girls on the effort and commitment they put into supporting each other tonight,” said head coach Nick Hauenstein. “It doesn’t matter the result. We have low numbers as a team, but a great team all around. Extra time has put us in a tough situation in terms of numbers.

Ending the second overtime tied at 1-1 sent the pair into a shootout. It was quite an introduction to college football for Clinton freshman goaltender Livia Watters.

“She made some really big saves for us in the second half that helped us hold on to the lead,” Hauenstein said. “Very proud of Liv and the confidence she’s grown over the past two weeks in goal. I’m delighted to see her continue to grow as the season progresses.

Ashtyn Dohrn’s kick bounced off the left post. Anamosa’s first shot flew over the hands of the waters to the left corner.

Paige Zaehringer bounced hers off the goalkeeper’s hands on the right to even things up, but Anamosa took the lead with another high.

Sofia Tello went too high, knocking hers off the top. Anamosa responded with a low shot to the left to take a 3-1 lead. Veronica Ramirez kept the Queens alive with a goal, but the Raiders were able to wrap up the game with another right side from Watters.

Overtime saw plenty of good looks from the Queens, but they either went just wide or were pushed back. By then, many on the pitch had played the entire game without a substitution.

Neither team was able to push any points across the board at the end of the first half, but it was still 40 minutes of football dominated by the Clinton River Queens. Red and Black held possession for most of the time, getting plenty of good looks along the way.

Coach Nick Hauenstein saw his team and his experienced forward line fire after the fact.

“What helped us with the control was just kind of the consistency that they had last year playing more,” Hauenstein said.

He wanted to see more, though. Right angles and deep shots sent many of the shots away from the back of the net or rolled straight into the goalkeeper’s hands.

“I think it could have been a little nervous or just the first game in a while in competition,” Hauenstein said. “We had some good looks offensively in the first and second half of the game and I really think a little more precision on some of our finishing would have put us in a much better position.”

There was a flurry of shots to end the quarter, many of which were led by the efforts of a scrappy group of midfielders. This gave the Queens some momentum heading into the final half of the action.

Just nine eight minutes into the second half, Veronica Ramirez found herself on the sidelines and ran the ball past her own bench. Passing to the center of the field, she just tapped the ball into the far right corner to put Clinton on the board first.

Anamosa equalized with 18:05 to play.

The River Queens had plenty of chances in front of the Blue Raider goal. This led to a slew of corner kicks – four in the final half of the game to be exact. None of them were converted into goals.

“We had some good attacking looks to put us in a position where we could get corners,” Hauenstein said. “We also played great balls. We’re just a bit lacking in that finishing ability right now. I think as the season progresses we will definitely grow in that department.

The River Queens (0-1) are now looking to Mississippi Athletic Conference play. They host the 2021 Pleasant Valley State Qualifier Thursday night at Coan Field.

“It’s never easy with the majority of the teams we’re going to face in and out of game in the MAC,” Hauenstein said. “I think we have a tough team and if we can just keep raising our level of play, that should help.


DAVENPORT — The Prince of Peace-Northeast men’s soccer team suffered a season-opening loss Tuesday at the hands of 3A Davenport North.

The Irish had the Wildcats tied at half-time, with the game standing at 1-1. North scored the final three in the final 30 minutes.

The Irish (0-1) will be back in action on Friday night, hosting Maquoketa at Goose Lake for their home opener.


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